oh hey Friday

1 08 2014

Linking up with Karli and Amy for oh hey, Friday!

oh hey ONE |

We’ve dabbled into potty-training in recent weeks. I did the 3-day bootcamp thing complete with E running around partially naked and also trying underwear all while my hubby was at work and we were cooped up at home. The good news is that E has his potty routine down pat and is very particular about each step (P.S. he’s 24 months). But we’ve only had ONE success so far, and it was only after my hubby took him for the first time.

E - potty training July 2014

oh hey TWO |

We revisited our favorite peach orchard this week for their children’s program. The weather was actually fall-like – and gorgeous – and the paper mache craft was so pretty! E came away with 15 peaches and a belly full of peach ice cream. We also enjoyed another fabulous peach milkshake and peach cider donuts before we headed home. 🙂

 7-29-14 Chiles Peach Orchard

oh hey THREE |

We attended our last toddler dance class of the summer. They’ll start back up in October, so I may be able to take my babies again while on maternity leave! (Everyone seems to park their newborns against the wall – you can see a few in the background).

7-27-14 Swing and Sway

oh hey FOUR |

I broke down and ordered a maternity belt for extra belly support now that I’m 32.5 weeks. Before  you laugh, it’s totally justified – I have a cadaver bone in my spine holding my sacrum and lumbar together, with bone grafted from my hip surrounding the fusion (and lots of painful scar tissue), and that area bears all the weight! The belt is not cheap at Target, but I got it on eBay for $19. (And got eBay dollars. And an Ebates rebate.) Worth it. I wore it all day Wednesday and Thursday, and I was not in excruciating pain by evening. I still ice the area a lot, but it definitely offers extended support. And I’m not even being endorsed to say that.

7-30-14 belly band

oh hey FIVE |

On Thursday, we gallivanted around the library’s summer carnival as a culmination of their summer reading program. We met up with one of my friends and her two sweet kids, too!



7-31-14 Library Carnival

Happy Friday!



9 responses

1 08 2014

oh girl. i’m so sorry you have to deal with back pain like that! pregnancy is hard enough as it is. and congrats on a potty training success. did you see that i tried to train our gal and it was an epic fail? we’ll try again in a few months. sheesh. thank you for linking up!!

6 08 2014

Thanks for hosting and stopping by!! I’m counting ours as a fail, too – we’ll try again later when he’s more-ready! I love reading your pregnancy updates, too!

1 08 2014

Stopping by from the link up! Love that your library has a summer carnival!!! Lily would have loved that!

1 08 2014

Aww, hopefully you’ll get back to normal when the little one arrives. I think any kind of pain is aggravating. I’d love to go to a peach orchid, how awesome. I hope your having great day!

6 08 2014

Thanks so much for reading! It will all be fine once he’s here! 🙂

3 08 2014
Bekah Bruce

That peach farm sounds amazing! So much fun! Is that belt something you can use after pregnancy? I am looking for an abdominal binder. The one I used with my first two postpartum is going to be way to big this time. Hope that belt gives you some relief..at least you are getting to that home stretch! Exciting! 🙂

6 08 2014

Thanks for stopping by! The peaches were excellent. 🙂 I don’t think it’s intended for after pregnancy, judging by the way it’s shaped. But it’s amazing for now!

4 08 2014
Lisa Pray

I absolutely love peaches! A peach milkshake sounds pretty amazing!!

6 08 2014

Yes! Now I want them all the time! Thanks for visiting!

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