Week 32 | Bumps and Wiggles

30 07 2014

Bumpdate blog

Week 32 | Bumps and Wiggles

32 week pregnancy bump 2014

Emotions | So excited. Nervous about life with 2 little ones (and a Jack Russell Terrier!) but ready to get him out so I can at least breathe again!

Gender | Boy!*

Name | Saving as a surprise. My husband and I were in the nursery the other night and I asked him if we should have a backup girl name in case our little boy is really a girl. *Before we switched practices, our doctor originally told us that we were having a girl, so for 2 months we had gotten used to the idea of a daughter.  I had 3 names I loved at that time, so I was revisiting those names with him when all of the sudden, the wooden monogram boy name that we had up on the wall FELL over. What in the world does that mean? Lol.

Affirmations | Hand falling asleep when I rock E, heartburn, several leg cramps and Charlie horses, severe backache (sacral ligament). I’ve been trying everything for my back – frequenting the chiropractor, icing when I’m sitting, and soaking in lavender Jacuzzi baths. I even ordered a belly-support belt (Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt, Medium Support) which better arrive by Thursday! My midwife also recommended it but said with my spine condition, it’s not going to fix the problem.

Baby size | 16.7″, 3.75 lb., roughly the size of a large jicama (Mexican turnip)

To do this week | Redo toddler room closet, move clothes, hang up newborn sleepers, enjoy my time with E and the beach with family!

Things checked off list | 32 week midwife appointment, turned in FMLA paperwork, washed/folded/put away all NB and 0-3 months clothes, switched out dressers, washed and folded burp cloths, purchased a coming-home beenie for the hospital, tweaked Amazon Baby Registry. Stocked up on more Tums and prenatal vitamins with magnesium. Made a 10-page journal to take to the hospital to record everything like I did with E’s labor and delivery. Started a pregnancy Shutterfly book and am more than halfway finished.


Movement felt | Lots of hiccups. Constant movement where I can pick out body parts. Baby is head-down and lowering.

Cravings | None

Aversions | Hamburger

Workouts this week | Evening walks with my family. Teaching preschool. Lots of stretching and stairs. Hiking in an orchard.

Weight/size | Slowly and steadily gaining and hoping I don’t add too much more in the next 8 weeks!

Crazy dreams and sleep patterns | All these summer thunderstorms have kept my dog up all night, which means I’m usually up, too. Latest dream: My church was going on a day-trip to Costco together. Rented charter buses and everyone brought their own cooler bags and got balloons and met at my high school (2.5 hours away). I was jealous that I couldn’t go. 

Best moments this week | E hearing his brother’s heartbeat at my appointment yesterday and his face absolutely lighting up!

Low moment this week | Back pain. I pretty much cry every time I think about having 8 more weeks of this back pain.

Looking forward to | A week at the beach! Throwing my parents an anniversary party in August and getting maternity photos taken.

What I miss | Pre-pregnancy size/all-day energy. Feeling like I have all the time in the world this summer with E!

Messages and prayers to baby | As the summer quickly comes to a close, I am excited that it means fall is around the corner and we’ll be meeting you soon! Oh, and by the way, you’re getting really heavy. You should probably lay off the Snickers ice cream bar. 😉


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