Week 31 | Bumps and Wiggles

23 07 2014

Bumpdate blog

Week 31 | Bumps and Wiggles

Week 31 pregnancy 2014

Emotions | Happy to have only single-digit weeks remaining (hopefully)!

Gender | Boy!

Name | First name is up on the wall and middle name is set!

Affirmations | Severe backache right where my spine was fused at the sacrum – the sacral ligament is aggravated (probably overcompensating due to a leg injury at work), so I got therapy for it on Monday. I also got a chiropractic adjustment on both sides and have been icing my side off-and-on. Happy to report little-to-no more leg cramps – I’ve been eating a banana every day, drinking Gatorade, and taking a prenatal vitamin with built-in magnesium each night, so I haven’t had any Charlie horses since the really bad one!

Baby size | 16.25 inches, 3.3 pounds, and roughly the size of 4 navel oranges

To do this week | Spend lots of quality time with my little boy before school starts back up! Also making a new nursery mobile while he naps.

Things checked off list | Pre-registered at the hospital. Finalized names. Made lists – hospital bag, who to call, etc. Made lots of progress on E’s new toddler room, which will free up a ton of space in the nursery. Put in a couple summer workdays at school. Met with my principal about maternity leave and a long-term sub. Bought this new {limited edition} BG cloth diaper, which arrived Monday, as well as a new Planet Wise “Fox Trot” pail liner.

Chaplin diaper

Movement felt | All the time. Very reassuring but extremely p-a-i-n-f-u-l just like with my first baby.

Cravings | None, but thirsty a lot

Aversions | None

Workouts this week | Walks around neighborhood. I had a work injury Friday that requires an x-ray on my ankle (tonight), so I’ve been taking it easy!

Weight/size | At my 30-week appointment, my belly measured spot-on for 30 weeks. I am 8 pounds below my final pregnancy weight with E, with 9 weeks left to go. After delivering E, I couldn’t keep weight ON between nursing and running, so I quickly lost all my pregnancy weight plus 10 pounds. We’ll see how it goes this time chasing after 2…!

Crazy dreams and sleep patterns | The baby usually gets me up 1-2 times per night, and the dog about 5-6 times per night, although we’ve changed a few routines and he’s gotten better. Here’s an example of a crazy dream I had this week:

It was the first day of 9th grade in a new school building [unclear whether I was a student or teacher]. The fire alarm went off, and I took all my stuff with me outside. Out in the parking lot, there was a yardsale going on, so we all browsed while the firefighters checked the building. I found a box of Charlie Brown comic books dated 1955 [surprisingly accurate – the first strip ran in 1950!] that doubled as music scores. I debated buying them to resell on eBay, but I wasn’t sure how much they were worth and thought my phone was back in the building, so I couldn’t look it up. When we were cleared to return indoors, I realized I had had my phone and wallet on me the whole time. And there was a big tray of coconut macaroons waiting at my seat when I returned to my science class. The end.

Best moments this week | My midwife taught me how to feel the baby’s head at my last appointment. So amazing! Spending a day at the lake with a mom’s playgroup was also so relaxing.

Low moment this week | The inside of a cabinet collapsed on me at work, and I was the only one there (I’m a teacher, so the school was empty). Very scary!

Looking forward to | Seeing E with his baby brother. He talks about him a lot more now and points out where the baby will eat, and sleep, and play… he spontaneously asks to kiss and hug the baby, and always remembers to tell him goodnight and includes him in his prayers. He fell asleep the other night with his hand resting on my belly as we rocked.

What I miss | Getting into/out of bed easily. With a leg injury on my left side and ligament damage on my right side, and baby on top, that leaves… absolutely no way for me to sleep comfortably.

Messages and prayers to baby | This week, I pray for your eyes as your irises begin to dilate – you can sense light now, and that is so cool! I pray for your eyesight, and the things you’ll be able to see and experience as you grow throughout your life. I pray that we can surround you with people who will fill your life with light, so that you can begin to know God’s love for you. You are so loved already!


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