Race Recap: Summer Extravaganza 10k

12 07 2014

My husband participated in a local 10k this morning. Lately we’ve been taking turns running races so that we don’t have to get a babysitter, and since I ran the Vine to Wine 5k recently, he was up next. “Run the Valley” is a great local race series, and serious competitors can participate in all four throughout the year (one per season in a variety of distances) to win a grand prize. The same guy has won every year (he also won today’s overall race).


The morning temp started out perfectly -> 67 degrees! It quickly heated up as the sun rose. Luckily the 10k started and finished at a local park where a summer festival was just setting up for the day, so there was plenty to distract our toddler while we waited for my husband to cross the finish line!



My kid is such a daredevil! I’m grateful that he is, even though it comes with more injuries. The festival vendors were just setting up and would open 2 hours later, but I scoped out a booth selling handmade tee-pees that I made a mental note to return to. I had just been looking at Banana J tee-pees yesterday online for our nursery but decided against them because of the price.


The race finished quickly, and we stuck around for an hour of awards. 



Afterward, we visited all the vendors and found some carnival-food lunch… a “steak ‘um” with cheese, peppers, and onions.


We returned to the vendors and picked up a couple items we’d been eyeing – photography from a local artist that we’ve met before and… a handmade tee-pee! The crafters actually used to live just down the road from us when we first got married.

IMG_7183This race made me a little nostalgic that I won’t be running much more for several months… and a new race (half marathon) was just announced this week that I would love to try, but it’s so close to my due date! Maybe next fall. 🙂



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