My Sweet Boy | Two Years Old!

5 07 2014

You are two

E, you are two today!! Your favorite number! You have changed so, so much since you turned one! I looked back at the album we made of your first birthday and couldn’t believe how much you’ve turned into a big boy! Here are pictures from your 1st birthday! One of my most favorite days ever. (My sister made this page.)


On Wednesday, I took you to get your second haircut. You waited for an hour like a champ and only had one bad diaper that required a trip back to the car. I asked the lady to trim your curls but not to take them off completely – I just love them! You did so much better this second time, and I think it’s because you got your lollipop at the beginning!


^before^Haircut 7-2-14



Personality | Easy-going, happy, funny, you love to laugh, you love to scare and be scared, you’re shy in public, and observant

Loves | Your doggie Scout, your blanket, your 2 Wubbas, vacuums, diaper cream, lotion, suntan lotion, Essential Oils, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, reading, going outside, Memory games and puzzles, big books, trucks, trains, tractors, buses, airplanes, brooms, Chapstick/EOS balm, bubbles, sprinklers, jumping in your crib, reading 4Wheel magazines, ducks, spotting birds and airplanes, fixing things, sliding, your new playground, your water table, holding hands, being held, dogs, cats





Dislikes | extremely picky eater, love/hate relationship with the potty. Just this week, however, we ordered meals for you at 2 restaurants and you ate all kinds of things!

Foods | “Mummies” (gummies), bananas, peanut butter, Nutella, bread, shredded cheese, broccoli, peas, green beans, eggs, strawberries, blueberries, cereal bars, ice cream (sometimes), lollipops and candy, milk, waffles, pancakes, sweet potato fries



Things you do | Turn on music after dinner and ask us to dance with you, put the leash on Scout, fill Scout’s bowl from the garage and feed him each piece by hand, pretend play (kitchen, cleaning), ask for “cuppa caw-fee?” every morning as you watch the Keurig, say “not that one, this one!” to your choices, drag chairs to reach anything you need, ask for cream at every diaper change, say “hi” to my belly all the time, tuck your hand behind my back as you’re falling asleep, ask to look at pictures of your cousins and call them by name


Recent medical mishaps | On Tuesday, we had your 2-year well-visit. You did a great job behaving and showing off some of the things you can do – but you were also really shy! You loved the book that the doctor gave you and looked through it as we chatted about your development. She also diagnosed a double-ear infection while we were there! It seems to happen at every well-visit. You also chipped your teeth 2 weeks ago!


Talents | Throwing/aim/catching, climbing, saying “I did that!” when taking pride in art you’ve created

Sleep | You’ve always been a good sleeper. I rock you for 30-60 minutes at nap time (now that I’m home for the summer), where you sleep just under 2 hours usually, and about 1.5-2 hours for bedtime. Daddy usually gets you ready for bed with a bath, brushing your teeth, flossing, changing your diaper, and getting into your jammies. You love to laugh and run around in the evenings before bedtime to wear yourself out, rather than reading, so we read together in the mornings after breakfast. When you do get up in the middle of the night (around 3-4), it’s usually because you’re hungry because you’re such a picky eater at dinner. We also think you’ve had a few night terrors on nights when you woke up in hysterics and just needed to see us before laying back down and falling right to sleep. You always require both Wubbas and more recently, your special Aden + Anais blanket (that we kept at school all year) before you’ll rock to sleep. While we rock, you stall a lot, and ask to look at pictures of your cousins on my phone.



 Happy birthday, little guy!! We love you so much!



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