Race Recap: Vine to Wine 5k

28 06 2014

One of our local vineyards hosts a gorgeous evening annual 5k, and every year I’ve missed it! I was finally able to sign up for it this year, the Barren Ridge Vineyards Vine to Wine 5k! Of course, it sounds unlikely. Here I am at almost-27 weeks pregnant, running a race not for a medal but for a souvenir wine glass and free wine tasting? Lol.

Packet pickup was easy enough – we did that Thursday evening to avoid crowds before the race. It was so pretty out!


On Friday, we showed up an hour early. With no concrete direction of where to go, we ended up in the middle of someone’s wedding rehearsal – whoops! We played it off like we had planned to take a couple maternity pictures among the grapevines (you know, in neon race clothes and a 5k bib), then scooted back out of there to find the start. (Also, the father of the groom did not know there was a 5k going on with 366 runners about to bombard his son’s rehearsal. Just sayin’.) I waited in line for one of only two available porta-potties, but the race was starting in 4 minutes, so everyone had to leave the line and make their way to the start. Oh well!



The 5k was a simple out-and-back course, starting in the vineyard, heading left down the main road, and turning around a cone to come back. My hubby and son waved me through the start, although E was confused why I ran past. He cried for awhile until I passed him again, making him cry all over again.


| | start photos via Corkscrew Racing ||


The course was relatively flat, with more uphills on the route back. I made easy time out to the halfway point and was on-pace for finishing 10 minutes under my goal finishing time, but I had a more difficult time returning to the finish, especially knowing that I had 10 minutes of wiggle room to slow down. It was SO hot, although there were some nice shaded parts along the treelines. I stopped for water twice for the baby, but a cramp in my side made me want to take it easy for both of us. My husband said my face was really red at the 3.0 mile marker. It was crazy to think that just a few short months ago, this would have been so easy! Like at Mile 10 of a half marathon or Mile 23.1 of a marathon when I’ve thought to myself, “ok, just a 5k left! I’ve got this!” I ended up a a minute over my goal time at the finish, according to my RunKeeper app. There was no chip timer, only gun time, and I started in about the middle of the pack, so my recorded time was slightly off. And about 13 minutes slower than my non-pregnant 5k time!


Then it was time to find my souvenir wine glass and get in line for our complimentary tasting. I was misdirected through 2 different lines before I found the right one. I instructed my husband to get in line for pizza, then suddenly felt like I was going to black out and told him to meet me with water as quickly as he could. I recovered in the grass while he held my spot in line. I met up with one of my friends, then my husband did my sampling. (The vineyard owner was so confused why I wasn’t sampling. I think somehow he missed noticing my belly!)

Finally it was time to get in line for the food-truck pizzas that were fired in a brick oven. By this point, they were announcing a 50-minute wait, but it was so peaceful out and the music was so good that I didn’t mind waiting on our blanket with this view:



Ninety minutes later, it was pitch black outside and we were still waiting. My husband was checking on our pizzas every 4 minutes, and every time, they hadn’t even gone in the oven yet. Luckily E was perfectly content sitting in my lap bobbing to the music and catching fireflies with me. I was, at this point, freezing and starving. But the woods were absolutely shimmering with the flickers of thousands of fireflies, one of the most stunning phenomena I’ve ever seen. Stray fireworks were also going off in the distance behind the vineyard (pre-July 4th shenanigans, I’m sure), and lightning was also flickering behind us. Eventually the band announced their last set. The owner packed up his tasting tent, yet we remained waiting on the hill. I would have given anything for a sweatshirt in place of my cold, wet tech shirts. Luckily the pizzas finally arrived, piping hot. I set my steaming plate right in my lap, and we finished eating at 10 PM. Time to find our car with the help of our flashlight apps and head home!



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