Summer Blog Gift Exchange

24 06 2014

I linked up with lots of fun ladies for a Summer Blog Gift Exchange! My friend, one of the co-hosts, used Elfster to randomly draw names, and I was sent the address and blog site of where to send a summer-inspired set of gifts! The same week that I shipped my package to sunny Florida, I received a fun bag of gifts from my secret blogger! Here’s my recap:



1| “sweet mint” eos lip balm – my favorite!

2| colorful papermate felt pens to use in my Simplified Planner by Emily Ley – she knows me well! {similar to pic}

3| teal and lime-green paper straws {similar to pic}

4| Hape toys Baker’s Trio Sand & Sun toys for my little boy and his turtle sandbox

5| teal-and-white striped metal pail {similar to pic}

6| homemade Magic Shell chocolate ice cream topping in a mason jar complete with a cute ribbon and wooden spoon decorated in washi tape!

7| a bird-shaped snack cup for my son from Target {similar to pic}

8| a teal votive holder {similar to pic}

Definitely a teal theme in my summer gifts – love it!! My son grabbed up his presents right away and hasn’t let go of them since! He is so proud of his little sand tools and snack cup. He’ll eat anything if it’s in that cup! Hmm… maybe I should sign up for Citrus Lane.


Oh, and my friend and coworker was also the one who randomly drew my name! So she knows me really well and did such a great job putting everything together for me and E! Thanks so much!




And a sneak peek of what I sent my secret blogger. You can read her full recap here now that it has made its way to sunny Florida!!




Here are the others bloggers who participated in this exchange! Check out their blogs to see what fun summer items they received!



2 responses

24 06 2014

Yay! How fun!

26 06 2014

Love all your fun items. Mint is my favorite of the EOS balms.

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