{Five on Friday}

20 06 2014

Linking up with Darci and friends for {Five on Friday!}

This week got completely hijacked with medical visits after my toddler had a trampoline accident. He has pretty much looked like this all week with his ice, saying “hurt” over and over. Breaks.My.Heart.


Aaaand so my five:


ONE | On Monday, we went to a dance class, where E would only observe the other kids. Once at home, he practiced everything he had learned. That sneaker! Then we visited the pediatrician about his trampoline accident, where they confirmed that he had chipped 2 teeth, maybe damaged his gums, and referred us to a pediatric dentist as well as the lab for some (unrelated) bloodwork.



TWO | On Tuesday, we saw a puppet show at the library. It was crowded, but E enjoyed it. He skipped a nap and we went to a pediatric dentist about his injury – his first visit! He’ll return soon to have his front teeth sanded. Note: this picture was totally staged. The dentist didn’t use this chair at all, instead holding E’s head upside-down in his lap.



THREE | On Wednesday, I volunteered at church, helping to set up for VBS. We also read lots of books and played outside briefly in the record-setting high temps. I gave E a break from medical appointments today!


FOUR | On Thursday, we were up and playing outside by 7 AM. We ran errands til his nap time, then headed out afterward to the lab for the bloodwork for a mast cell disease he has. This was unrelated to his fall, but I went ahead and asked for the lab order while at the pediatrician on Monday so that we can follow-up at his 2-year checkup in a couple weeks. (A couple weeks!)


FIVE | …And as for Friday – today is a big adventure day! I have a Mommy & Me excursion planned, weather-permitting. He deserves a treat after such an eventful week!! Such a little trooper, this kid of mine. 🙂




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20 06 2014

He is too adorable! I hate he had an accident but he looks like a brave little kid! Thanks for sharing!

20 06 2014
A Local Hidden Treasure | Running MOMentum

[…] I hit the jackpot today with my “Mommy & Me” outdoor excursion I referenced in a previous post. My toddler deserved a fun day with Mommy after a week of random medical appointments and tests. […]

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