So many #momfails // Gorgeous summer

16 06 2014

Despite the title of this post, we did have a near-perfect weekend, with most of it spent outdoors! My husband finished up the new playground just in time for our first day of summer so that we’d have more outdoor activities. He designed it and built it himself! Perfect timing, because last week I seriously found myself letting my toddler just run amok with the water hose (ON) for about 20 minutes. No, really:



Driving remote-controlled trucks led to finding mutant dandelions (reminiscent of Montana beargrass) and knees skinned so badly that we had to return home for an immediate nap after lots of “cream” (Neosporin) and bandaids on the mangled knee:






We put together his new water table, which I got online from Kohls using a ton of deals.



A cookout was a given. Don’t judge me that I’m pregnant and ate a hotdog with my fancy chicken.



And washed it down with sparkling (non-alcoholic) apple cider.


A visit to our local pool was also in order, although the water was so cold that our family spent the  entire time in the 77-degree baby pool. (No photos, no photos.)

Father’s Day greeted us bright and early. I made pancake muffins that looked absolutely nothing like what I tried to copy on Pinterest, but we all ate them and enjoyed them, including the kid, so it worked:


Church was different than usual – we kept the nursery during the first service, and we taught preschool Sunday school during the second service. We were there for almost 4 hours! E completely missed his nap. We came home, where I made my favorite strawberry salad for lunch, along with this yummy homemade pizza (semi-recipe here):



After such a late lunch, it was already time to head to my husband’s parents’ house, where we spent lots of time playing outside and enjoying a cookout with his family. Before we left, E wanted one last bounce on the trampoline, which was quickly cut short when he fell forward and landed mouth-first on the metal ring around the trampoline. It was hard to tell what happened because of all the blood and the fact that he’s a stubborn toddler, but once he was finally asleep I was able to take a peek with a flashlight, and immediately called the doctor after I saw the swollen lip, puffy gums, and chipped front teeth. Poor baby! It’s my own fault – I have no business trying to keep up with an almost-2-year-old running circles around me on a trampoline at 6+ months pregnant!

Now off to see what the doctor says about it!



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19 06 2014
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