{Five on Friday}

13 06 2014

Linking today with Carolina Charm for {Five on Friday!} It is so nice to be off from work for the summer. On my first half-day off this week, I met my husband for an impromptu lunch date. I never get to leave the school cafeteria the rest of the year!


{one} Teacher gifts

Today is E’s last day of “school,” – (he’s only 1) – so I made gifts for the 5 teachers who’ve taken care of him all year. I delivered some yesterday to his afternoon teachers, and this morning I’ll deliver the rest. After designing printables, I remembered our printer has no ink, so I just handwrote the tags. I used plastic Mason jars from Wal-Mart.  They have a whole aisle where you can mix-and-match colors and types of jars, straws, and lids. The straws I originally bought didn’t quite fit, but luckily I had some on-hand from my secret blogger! (#5 below.) I filled the jars with raspberry lemonade mix and fastened the tags with baker’s twine.

Teacher gifts


{two} Summer Bible study!

I joined about 49 other ladies from my church in a 9-week summer Bible study, delving into Beth Moore’s new book, “Children of the Day.”



{three} Pool party!

We threw a pool party for our Girls on the Run team to celebrate the end of the season. I used the site Perfect Potluck to coordinate a cookout where nothing was forgotten! Even though the girls brought their families, E was still the only boy there!




{four} New playground!

My husband has been diligently working outside each night to build a swingset for our toddler. E loves, loves climbing and sliding, and it’s nice to have more activities in the backyard now for the summer! A water table, a swingset and slide, and a sandbox… we’re getting there! E has been out there helping every waking minute he can:

6-12-14 playground build


{five} Secret blogger summer blog exchange!

I participated in a summer blog exchange with several other bloggers. This week, I shipped a fun package to Florida, and also received a fun gift bag full of all kinds of summer treats and goodies! More to come in a separate post. 🙂Image

Happy Friday! It’s a special one – my mom’s birthday! 🙂




9 responses

13 06 2014

Love the mason jars for the teachers! So cute!

13 06 2014

I love the mason jar gifts! I helped with Girls on the Run as well and love the organization! It is such a fun way to help girls discover a love for running!

17 06 2014

Yes, GOTR is such a great program! We are continuing it next year for sure! (Although I’ll be on maternity leave, so 2 new coaches have stepped forward!)

13 06 2014

Those teacher gifts are so cute! And I’m very curious about the blogger exchange… Will be following to find out more.

13 06 2014

I love those mason jar gifts!! (And the straws!)!

13 06 2014
Lisa Pray

How do you like Children of the Day so far?!

17 06 2014

It’s pretty deep – I am liking it. Have you done a Beth Moore study before? She really digs in!

10 07 2014
Amy Johnson

Those teacher gifts are the cutest!
Also… I don’t know about you, but I’ve been super bummed about missing five on Friday for the summer. If you’re interested my friend Karli {september FARM} and I {the farmer’s wife} are starting up a link-up “oh hey, friday!” with the exact same outline and would love for you to join us tomorrow! Hope to see you there.

10 07 2014

Thanks for stopping by! And yep! I’ve already written one for tomorrow after I read Karli’s post earlier. Sounds like fun! Do you have a time it starts?

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