My Sweet Boy: 23 Months

5 06 2014

23 months crept up quickly! I can’t believe your 2nd birthday is only a month away now! Here are a few things I want to remember about you as a 23-month-old:


  • You are a man of routines, all day long. You find a lot of comfort and predictability in routines!
  • You ask to pray before dinner, And it is the most precious thing.
  • You love touching things and exclaiming, “that’s niiiice!” Like the white quilt at Cracker Barrel, the leather on our new (to-us) car, earrings, new (to you) PJs.
  • You also point out things that are pretty, like jewelry – “Mama, pretty! That’s nice!” when you see me wearing a dress or jewelry. I have no idea where you learned this.
  • This morning, you begged to put on mascara.
  • You are *slightly* afraid of thunderstorms. And when our Jack Russell gets too riled up. And when sirens get excessive.
  • You’re starting to point out differences in trucks, tractors, buses, trains, etc. You love them all!
  • You’re showing signs that potty-training might be around the corner (my goal is this summer!), but you still hate actually sitting on it after you beg to get on it, Elmo seat and all.
  • You are candy-obsessed.
  • You are lima-bean obsessed.
  • “10,000 Reasons” is still the only song you’ll let me sing as we rock at night. Sometimes you sing along.
  • It’s a good thing 2 is your favorite number, because it’s coming up very soon!
  • You’ve been trying to interact with the baby a lot more now, unprompted. Kissing my belly, offering your Wubba, etc.
  • Your new favorite hobby is working out with daddy. You can do situps, pushups, and jumping jacks.
  • Vacuums and brooms are still your favorites!
  • With more exposure to theme parks rides (and riding with your cousins), you are becoming more of a daredevil. Thank goodness!
  • You beg to go outside, rain or shine, and you always put on your hat first.
  • If we ask you the color of something, your answer is always, “Pink!” I guess the first time you learned that question, that’s what the answer was.
  • Bubbles are also favorites: in the bath, kitchen sink, outside. You love them all!
  • When Daddy cuts the grass, you follow along behind him. Just like he did with his dad!

ImageOne more month of ONE!




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