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1 06 2014

We had a full weekend of family, running, and Busch Gardens, but for now I just want to record a few sweet happenings from our Sunday. A much-needed reassurance that God is always there with us during life’s highs and lows, even and especially in the small things. And when I look back on today, that’s what I want to remember.

We arrived home at our 22-month-old’s bedtime, so we unpacked, gave him a bubble bath, and went straight to rocking him to sleep. I’m sure he was exhausted, because he skipped his nap yesterday to run around Busch Gardens for 9 hours.

{Relevant side note: While at Busch, he dropped his beloved Wubbanub dinosaur pacifier as we continued walking. We had given it to him because it was already an hour past his normal bedtime, and we were still walking around the park. He also fell at the same time, so he had a meltdown in absolute panic of losing his best friend. It reminded me of Tom Hanks when he lost his beloved Wilson on Cast Away. Heartbreaking. Luckily, Wubba was easily found and retrieved, and all was right in E’s world again. Scraped knees forgotten upon reunion.}


SO. As I’m rocking him tonight, both Wubbas safely in his arms, he lifts up my shirt just enough to see my baby belly. He pushed the pacifier nub against my skin and said, “baby? baby?” And then, I kid you not, his little brother kicked back. So E hunched over and planted a soft kiss right there on my belly, and I asked him if he loves his brother. He nodded, then switched to his giraffe Wubba and held it against my belly, asking for “baby? baby?” I asked him if the baby could have his Wubba, and he nodded again. At the same time, he put his dinosaur Wubba against my lips and mumbled a long prayer, said “Amen,” and pulled it away. He did this prayer 4-5 times. I love my kid. Love, love him! He is such a sweet boy and I just know he’s going to be a great big brother. I never know what he understands about the baby, but it was what I needed, right then, to remind myself of what this extra weight I’m carrying is really all about.


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Earlier today, we enjoyed a little something sweet to celebrate our niece’s birthday at a local park with Duck Donuts. Yum! We also enjoyed a light lunch at Firebirds Wood-Fired Grill after an afternoon of shopping on our way home. It’s already feeling like summer even though the students still have a full week to go and we have workdays after that!








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2 06 2014

I need to know if these Duck Donuts are all they are cracked up to be!? I had a first grader write all about how she’s going to grow up to work there and all about what you have to be able to do last week. She went on to tell me all about how they have a location in Williamsburg and he family went last weekend. I mean the girl had me cornered.

2 06 2014

I really liked them, and I’m not a huge donut lover. They make each one fresh and custom – you choose the flavor of glaze and the topping (their website lists choices, Williamsburg also had bacon as a topping). They are really hot and soft. The shop was packed when we were there, if that attests to anything.

4 06 2014
Lisa Pray

Oh my word, your sweet boy and his dinosaur are wayyy too cute!! Love it!!

4 06 2014

Aww thank you!! Thanks for stopping by!

4 06 2014
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