My Sweet Boy: 22 Months

5 05 2014

It’s Cinco de Mayo! Which means my sweet little boy turns 22 months today!

But I can’t mention May 5 without celebrating that on this day back in 2007, my {now} husband proposed to me! He chose the very storied Crim Dell Bridge at The College of William & Mary (my grad school alma mater) as the backdrop, one that is full of its own legends and our own stories. We were lucky to revisit the bridge twice on our wedding day!


Photo credit – my talented sister!

Scrolling through Facebook photos to find this bridge picture was an easy way to affirm how quickly time flies, and it is the same with watching E grow up and become more of a little boy than a baby!

E, Mommy and Daddy attended a baby dedication class at church yesterday in preparation for your dedication this weekend. We came away charged with the enormous responsibility that we, combined with the church, have in working together to provide you with a foundation in Christ. We’ll consider whom we are making available in your life that you’ll seek out in those times of need when you want to talk to someone but might not come straight to us. What family traditions we are establishing, what habits we are forming for you as you grow up. We also received some good reading suggestions, a packet of information, and a specific prayer card for parents of little boys. This is definitely worthy of its own blog post!


My favorite picture of you lately. You look more like a 6-year-old than a 1-year-old!

Here’s a snapshot of you at 22 months, little man!

  • A few of your nicknames: Pea {short for Sweet Pea}, Lida-Boo
  • Weight: 25-26 pounds (Your baby book is in your room and you are asleep and I refuse to sneak in there and risk waking you!)
  • Latest achievement: You helped set a Guinness World Record and will get a certificate and t-shirt for it!

22 memories:

You’re beginning to understand the concept of numbers, often pointing out pairs of things: 2 bikes, 2 dipping sauces, 2 Pepsi glasses, 2 vacuums, etc.

You’re a little wary of sirens – there was one night we heard a train, plane, and a bunch of sirens all at once, and you were pretty spooked. You sneak candy at every chance, always with a flirty look on your face.

You have sensitive skin that makes you want to stand up for your baths a lot. We’re taking you to a dermatologist this summer for your mild urticaria pigmentosa.

You’re very private about your diaper changes and who does them, although you’re always willing to tell Mommy when you need a diaper change and ask for Mommy to do it.

You’re quite the climber and use your dinner chair to reach anything and everything in the kitchen. One day, you pulled the chair up to the counter, found a box with your Zarbees cough syrup in it, took the medicine out, somehow opened the childproof cap, reached into the drawer for the syringe, put the syringe into the hole for the syrup, and turned the whole thing upside down to fill the syringe!

On April 9, I caught you kissing one of your little girlfriends at school ON THE LIPS. If only you knew that she lives just across the street…!

When falling asleep, you beg to look at pictures (on my phone).

After we get home from school, you always pretend to have a dirty diaper so that I’ll let you go upstairs to your room, where you promptly sneak your Wubbas (pacifiers) out of your bed.

As you drift off to sleep each night, you quietly ask for “daddy,” “milk,” “crackers,” and “water” to try to stall, but you’re never awake more than a few seconds later for me to answer.

At bathtime, you spend a lot of time coloring on the walls, throwing toys at a target we drew, and dumping cups of water over your head.

You love putting on my sparkly running headbands…

Anytime anyone hands you anything, you always say, “Thank you!” unprompted.

When we get home each afternoon and I put the car in park, you say, “Allll done!”

You’ve gotten into a habit of saying, “I love you” to Mommy and Daddy (and the neighbor, and your toy vacuums), but on May 1, 2014, you said, “I love you” to Daddy, completely unprompted.

You wipe your mouth with a napkin after almost every bite. Such good manners!

When you don’t want to get up in the morning, you plank in your crib. You also plank when you watch Daddy doing pushups.

You do a lot of pretend play, but more with household items than cars, figurines, and Little People. You like using what you see us use — vacuums, brooms, toy kitchen, chopping food with your Melissa & Doug set, etc.

You pray before our dinner each night, and it’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. You bow your head, clasp your hands, and speak in what sounds like tongues until you loudly proclaim, “aaaaaamen!”

You love blowing dandelions. And blowing at pictures I took of you blowing dandelions.

You’re a sponge when it comes to repeating what you hear us say: “Aw, man!” “Good grief!” and “Scout, stop!” are some of your favorites, and it’s the funniest thing. You have definitely picked up on tone and expression with your voice!

You had a growth spurt the other day – you woke up for the day at 2:30 AM and ate everything in sight. The next day, you slept in until 9:30 AM and when you finally got up, you were almost too long for the changing table, hitting it on both ends with your head and your feet!

E, I am so grateful that you’re the most well-mannered, clean-loving, easy-going kid I know, but you’re still snuggly, still needy, and still “Mommy’s baby.” And pretty soon, we’ll add “great big brother” to one of the things we love so much about you! 



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