{Five on Friday}

2 05 2014

Linking up with Carolina Charm and friends for {Five on Friday!} I have been embracing the weather these last few weekends! Here are some of the blooms in my yard! We planted a dogwood when we buried our sweet puppy Riley several years back, and the delicate petals make me smile each year.




{one} We saw Busch Gardens through our toddler’s eyes for a change using some free tickets. Read my full recap here! We’re going back later this month with more free tickets that we’ll get from running an 8k (~5 miles). I’ve been trying to walk or run each night for at least 30 minutes, but I also need to prepare myself for the heat. That race is HOT even when you’re not pregnant!




{two} I participated in The Great Cloth Diaper Change this weekend, attempting to help set a Guinness record for the most cloth diapers officially changed at one time around the globe. We’ve been cloth diapering our 21-month-old since he was a newborn and will also CD our next little one! We had a lot of fun meeting other mommies and picked up a ton of freebies and samples at the baby expo! Recap here. If you are considering cloth diapers, feel free to ask me questions! I’ve been able to share my experience/suggestions with lots of my friends who were considering cloth diapers, but I only do it if they ask me first, since everyone has different preferences for baby-rearing. (Get it?)


{three} At the Great Cloth Diaper Change’s baby expo, I was able to talk candidly with a local women’s health care center about their practice and philosophies regarding prenatal care and childbirth. While the practice has doctors, they also feature a rotation of midwives. The next afternoon, I ran into one of my friends, a midwife at that particular practice, and she assured me that it is not too late in my pregnancy to switch over to their care! It is such a relief to know that I will no longer have to advocate and argue for the natural childbirth experience I hope to repeat, God-willing. My doctor was great about it with E’s birth, but I definitely had to change his mindset and rationalize my decision, and it might not have been the case had there been a different doctor on-call that day. It was crazy with my last pregnancy to scramble to track down the retired orthopedic surgeon who did my spinal fusion to write a recommendation to my doctor mere weeks before delivery.



{four} Summer hair! I’m so excited that E’s curls are growing back in and curling up nicely when we spend time outside!



{five} My husband was out of town for 3 days last weekend for a Relay for Life event, so it was just me and E – we were glued to the hip!


Happy Friday! I am filling in for a friend at work today, doing some missions volunteer work tonight with a group from my church, and have a full weekend of party prep ahead of me!




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26 06 2014
Baby skin | Essential Oils | Running MOMentum

[…] oil, vanilla essential oil, shea butter. I also picked up all of those samples at my local Great Cloth Diaper Change event this year, which is also where I picked up the free sample of cloth wipes solution […]

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