Breaking a Record // Stealing My Heart

26 04 2014



Four months ago, I signed my son up to participate in the 2014 Great Cloth Diaper Change through our local natural parenting retailer. In 2013, there were *officially* 8301 babies changed into cloth diapers at the same time around the world, and around Earth Day each year, this event attempts to break its own record.

A quick background: We began our cloth diapering journey long before my son was born. We knew early on that we wanted to try it, so we began researching options and even hosted a cloth diaper party at our home. (My SIL is a CD consultant and initially got us interested.) I spent my pregnancy entering contests and giveaways, which paid off because I won a lot of our stash. I also registered for CDs and accessories before my baby showers, and got most of the rest through rewards points and credit.

While my husband was away on a 3-day Relay for Life truck/Jeep rock-crawling event, my brother and his fiancée spent Friday night with me. Saturday began early after they left and I headed to the event. It didn’t disappoint! I arrived so early that I was the first one in line because I wanted to pick up the free tote of goodies that was available to the first 25 people. The actual change was at 11 AM, and we had to be in our places around 10:30 after the doors opened at 9:30. So we had an hour to poke around, visiting about 20 vendors at the baby expo that was held in conjunction with the event. I picked up lots of freebies, and E snuck a lot of candy off the tables while I spoke with vendors about all things pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and toddlers. I entered giveaways at each booth, as well as the raffles associated with the event.




I’m excited to try out new products, especially the natural cloth wipes solution (in the water bottle) and the Aden + Anais ultra gentle lotion*, an item that I included on my Amazon baby registry along with their baby bubble bath, shampoo, and body wash. The light-up pen/iPad stylus also looks fun! I’m going to save the Earth Mama Angel Baby heartburn tea for later in my pregnancy when I know the heartburn will get worse. *Not sponsored by or endorsing any of these brands, although the event might have been.

So on to the event itself. We presented our ticket, found spots along the floor, and waited for the official “go!” We held up the cloth diapers we’d be changing our babies into for an official Guinness picture (the diapers were also pre-screened for legitimacy upon check-in, and babies’ heights were measured and recorded), and after the change, we held up our babies in the fresh diaper for another round of pictures by the lady on the ladder . No photos were taken during the actual change!


Sporting his new anchor that my mom embroidered onto a Carter’s shirt!

GCDC 2014 - 9

After his nap, we walked around the neighborhood and then took a long stroll down our local greenway. Several times during our walk, I caught myself in wonder at the amount of love I have for this sweet little boy. And it was in those moments that he’d catch my eye, smile, and offer up his little hand for me to hold.

4-26-14 date

4-26-14 date 2

We rounded out our mommy-&-me date with a fancy dinner where we shared a booth! After his quick bath, it was story time, cuddles with mommy, and lots and lots of rocking. After all, he won’t be an only child much longer!

He is your little boy




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