{Five on Friday}

18 04 2014

Happy Friday! Linking up with Carolina Charm and friends for my 29th Five on Friday. Thanks so much for reading! My blog celebrated its first birthday this month – I wrote my first post back on April 10, 2013! I’m loving this new space of mine. It helps me so much to reflect on the small things and plan ahead to make the most of new seasons, milestones, and holidays.

We’re on the road today, the first of a series of 3 day trips… here’s a (somewhat misleading) hint on today’s whereabouts:


{one} Free spring printable – here! I framed it to 8×10 and just love it every time I walk by:


{two} In my quest to simplify lately, I’ve been working on paring down my email inbox. In the past, I didn’t really sort things, I just did a search if I needed to find something. So after 5 years at the same job, my email inbox was out.of.control – well into the thousands. I set a goal for myself and am proud to say that I am down to 15 emails! Now to tackle my personal email…

{three} Yesterday, we test-drove cars all over our state all. day. long. while our son was at school. But we managed to squeeze in a lunch date at one of our favorite Italian hot spots! It was so nice to sit back and really talk to each other – about the cars we liked, baby names we love, and summer plans. I’m also so appreciative that my hubby knows a thing or two about cars to weed out some potential lemons.


{four} This is what happens when it’s gorgeous outside and my son begs to go out and I tell him to find a ball to bring with us…


{five} Currently on my nightstand. So far, it’s living up to its reviews!


Thanks again for visiting, whether you’re new to my blog or celebrating one year of reading alongside me!




3 responses

18 04 2014

that spring printable is too cute! love it.

18 04 2014
Cat @ MaryMarthaMama

Happy 1 year of blogging! So I’m going to take a guess on your day trip… Are you in Jamestown? I’ll have to check back next week to see if you share any details. I’m not sure why I think it’s Jamestown, maybe it’s Annapolis? I guess it’s the boat 🙂 Have a great Easter weekend!

18 04 2014

Thanks! You’re pretty much right. We went to Williamsburg, my hometown. Misleading because we went to Busch Gardens!

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