Easter Basket Blog Hop!

15 04 2014


Hello, friends. I mentioned last week about some signs of Easter around our house. We’ve since participated in an Easter egg hunt at E’s school and another at church! He is OBSESSED with looking for “eeeeggggggggs!” Which is good, because we are headed to Great-Grandma’s house soon for Egg Hunt 2014 Part III with the cousins!

I had a lot of fun peeking at what the Easter bunny might be delivering. I also went to Michaels and bought just one more basket to match our family set of gingham baskets – a green one to match E’s! We won’t use it until next year, but I wanted to get it just in case Michaels discontinues them or something. Here are some of the goings-in our toddler’s basket!

Toddler Easter Basket
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The eggs are filled with Fun-Size M&Ms, except for the hot pink egg. That one has a green talking cow that calls out for you as you look for it! It will call out for 30 minutes or until you find it. {More about it here.}
Spring 1
I purchased a toddler-sized broom and dustpan from our local toy store, but I haven’t decided whether or not to save it for his birthday since the basket is overflowing. Yes, we’re putting him to work! Just kidding – he sneaks our broom out of the garage all the time!
Expenses: The Easter bunny got the books for free and the organic lollipop for a quarter at our local toy store. The bus was also free with store credit from a novelty shop. The chick-themed sidewalk chalk is a leftover party favor from last year’s Easter egg hunt with our Sunday school class. The plastic eggs are from Target, and the M&Ms were discounted via the Target Cartwheel app and RedCard.  The talking egg was full-price ($6.99, I think?) but the purchase supported a small local toy store and the Easter bunny was able to get rewards points for my account there.
One of the ways I bribe E to go to school every day is by reminding him we have to find all the buses on our route! Usually there is one in our neighborhood as we’re leaving, and there are several that sit outside his school. Thus the bus.
And that’s the basket! Thanks for hopping by!
{Linking up with Darci for the blog “hop!” Also linking up with Sarah at Our Journey blog for her Easter fun link-up!}



6 responses

17 04 2014

We need to get a mini broom and pan for Drew as he loves sweeping!

17 04 2014

Super cute!! I love Peter rabbit Lullabies!

17 04 2014

Visiting from the link up. The Peter Rabbit Lullabies book looks adorable! Cute ideas.

17 04 2014

Love the cow egg! Clever! I bet the broom will be a hit, we have one mine loves it! She is obsessed with our broom ha.

22 04 2014
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