Spring in his Step

12 04 2014

Spring is in full swing! On Saturday, my little man enjoyed his second Easter egg hunt of the week. First, we waited patiently for instructions:

Easter egg hunt 1

Then we headed out to the designated egg area for the toddlers:

Easter egg hunt 2

He went right to town collecting his eggs and cried when we told him he was finished finding his 10 and had to leave eggs for the other boys and girls! That kid can make quick work of chocolate eggs, too!

Easter egg hunt 3

Easter egg hunt 4


Easter egg hunt 5

Our church recycled the eggs for next year! Genius. I love how organized the children’s ministry is at our church and hope to get more involved behind-the-scenes in things like this like I did so much in college. It just seems like the planning always happens in the mornings while I’m at work!

Easter egg hunt 6

They had a sweet 12-part station where different ladies told E the story of Easter using small trinkets to represent different elements of the story (a nail, a cross, a tiny sponge, a tiny purple cloth, communion bread, some twine, etc)… he listened so intently to each lady, and treasured each trinket inside his egg so carefully that I almost teared up!

After the hunt, we popped by a local yardsale and spent an hour there… the bright sun felt so good! E loved bringing me sweet baby things similar to things he had outgrown… a play mat, a baby bathtub, and even a giraffe Wubbanub… none of which we brought home! I did fill a few bags of clothing where each piece was only 50 cents! Yardsales are even better than consignment sales for kids’ clothing!

Later in the afternoon, we headed back outside to try out the bubble machine E got for his birthday last summer! There are few things he loves more than bubbles! (Obviously haircuts aren’t one of them.)

Easter egg hunt 8 edit

Easter egg hunt 9

 He managed to squeeze in some late-afternoon yard work with Daddy, and together they mulched all the flower beds out front.

Easter egg hunt 7

Even though our spring break would have been this coming week (I’m a school counselor) before the snow days wiped it almost completely off our calendar, I’m already looking forward to several fun family festivities we have planned later in the week!

Cheers to spring!




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15 04 2014
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