My Sweet Boy: 21 Months

5 04 2014

Oh my goodness you develop more personality each month! Here’s a 21-month snapshot of your fun-loving, good-natured, easy-going personality!


  1. Your weigh-in at the doctor Thursday read 25 pounds, 10 oz… roughly the weight of an uncooked turkey, a bowling ball, (5) 5-lb. bags of ice, a toddler… yep sounds about right! We finally figured out the culprit for your many recent all-nighters on Thursday morning – pinkeye and an ear infection! The pinkeye was obvious. The ear infection was diagnosed while getting treated for pinkeye. I don’t think you ever realized you were sick, other than your eyes welded shut and your nose draining like the Crown Fountain.
  2. We’ve started you on Burts Bees bubble baths as a rare treat. Bubble toes!Image
  3. You clean up quite nicely! (Also, your new favorite perch.)Image
  4. You always throw with your right hand. If you retrieve the ball with your left, you’ll still switch to your right. You’ve always colored right-handed, too. No surprise there! You’re amazingly accurate when you throw. Not so much when you color.
  5. You have a great sense of humor AND you laugh when all the adults around you are laughing.
  6. You sleep better after you’ve had a crazy fit of giggles and laughs just before bedtime.
  7. You’re not always in the mood for singing nursery rhymes, but you’ll always quiet down to hear Mommy sing 10,000 Reasons.
  8. Anything with dinosaurs elicits a “rawwwwr!!” from you.
  9. You’ve given up on your high chair, bypassed any sort of booster, and claimed your spot at the table with us! Elijah 21 months April 2014 2
  10. Sometimes when you sit up in your crib, I catch you sitting Indian-style. The tiniest little crisscross applesauce I have ever seen.
  11. That time you unloaded your whole toy box of stuffed animals into your crib right before bed.
  12. When I pick you up from school, sometimes you’re trying to stand on your head.
  13. True story: this week while we were driving home from school, you managed to retrieve and open your lunch box, peel an uneaten banana, eat it, put the leftover chunk in a small plastic tub, and throw the peel on the seat. You ate sneakily, but I could smell the banana, and when you were finished you shouted, “NANA!!!!” My word.Image
  14. You say, “My Word!” a lot.
  15. You have a new car seat. It may look crazy, but I am in LOVE with it. Not only do you get into it with no complaint, it has some really cool features and I CAN SEE OVER IT WITHOUT HAVING TO STAND UP TO CHECK MY BLIND SPOT AND BEHIND ME. And thanks to your auntie, we got it for like $140 less than it actually cost. Winning.
  16. You have certain girls you just have to hug and kiss before you can leave school. Evvvvery day.
  17. Everyone has to have a jacket before we go outside. And shoes. Even when it’s 75 degrees out.
  18. When you pray with us, you use real words – “God,” “thank you,” “mom,” “dad,” “Scout,” “baby,” etc. But when we catch you praying alone, you bow your head, clasp your hands, and mumble a stream of made-up words and then say, “Amen!”
  19. You notice when I wear brightly-colored running shoes.
  20. You like to walk around in my slippers. (What toddler doesn’t do this??)
  21. These pictures. Reposted.



Only 3 months until you’re 2! We settled on a theme for your party, but Mommy’s going to hold on to these last several months of “one” for just a bit longer and not rush into planning just yet! No need to jump ahead when O-N-E is so much fun! 🙂




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