A Weekend at Home

30 03 2014

Let me preface this post by saying that we are RARELY at home on the weekends. In fact, we should just give our dog to our neighbor because we pretty much hire him as a dog sitter every weekend. So being at home is always a blessing!

Friday night, we went to Target for the first time in months! I know it’s been awhile because our RedCard statements have been $0. But my sister-in-law shared an insane deal she got on a convertible car seat that we just had to look into for ourselves. That Target trip led to maternity clothes shopping for me – I came away with only one item, a swimsuit, that the aforementioned car seat deal mostly covered with a free gift card. I also stocked up on Easter eggs and candy, some of which I’ve demolished (thank you, Starburst cravings). Our dog kept us up most of the night on Friday – boo, Scout!

We were up insanely early Saturday with our toddler, which allowed us to get a jumpstart on all kinds of loose ends around the house. I really wanted to go back to Target during their clothing sale, but the heavy rain all day discouraged me from stepping outside. I was also able to convert more of E’s aplix diapers to snaps, commissioning 5 diapers back into the rotation – major! A rainy evening warranted a movie in while E jumped on the couch and played with little dinosaurs we tied to helium balloons he snagged for free at a consignment sale last week. We started The Thomas Crown Affair, a movie we both have memorized, but nevertheless love watching unfold again and again. E was unsettled most of Saturday night and the heavy rains continued, so we took turns rocking, feeding, and soothing him. I just love how he still puts his sweet little arm around my back while we rock.

An unexpected heavy snow replaced the rain to greet us on Sunday so we stayed home from church, but while we were up early, E slept in until 11!! Unheard of. That enabled us to finally finish our taxes and tackle lots of other tasks before lunch. And then I got to go shopping! After seeing nothing inspiring on ThredUp, where I actually have a shopping credit, my husband dropped me off at Kohls while he took our son all over town running errands and grocery shopping. I never know where to shop in Kohls – misses, maternity, petites?? Despite a Kohls-cash deal, I couldn’t find anything I liked, even with maternity 40% off, so I walked to Ross, where I found 2 pieces that would work with my new belly. The trip was cut short when I sliced my hand open in the dressing room. (Cut short.)

We were in the mood to cook when we got home, so we made biscuits and gravy, green beans, and homemade mashed potatoes for dinner. I was in charge of the sausage gravy.


Too full to move, we finished our movie and I worked in my closet, sorting clothes for Goodwill and ThredUp and updated some spreadsheets. The baby was moving quite a bit tonight – the sausage gravy was a hit!

I’m glad I was able to get some things done at home this weekend, because many of my culminating work projects happen this week, and because of the way the snow days fell, my co-counselor is not going to be there to help me. In addition to teaching all of our classes this week and my regular counseling duties, I’ll be editing and resubmitting our final yearbook proof, facilitating and observing the Office on Youth coming in to teach Family Life to all our 4th and 5th graders, coordinating the 5th grade field trip to the middle school, coaching 2 after-school Girls on the Run sessions, and coordinating our annual school-wide Career Day on Friday, which I chair. Oh and cooking a dish for the Hospitality Room at Career Fair. And Life Group Tuesday night. I love, love being busy, but I’m sure I’ll be running on empty most of the week while I grow this baby!




2 responses

31 03 2014

So you got the car seat? Did all the deals work together for you?

31 03 2014

Yes! I also tried to stack the $10 giftcard off $50 that we got in the mail Friday, but we couldn’t use that one with the $20 giftcard offer. And the best part is that I can finally see over the new seat without standing up!! Thanks for sharing!!

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