{Maternity} Swimsuit Season!

29 03 2014

So yesterday’s Five on Friday was all about spring, but Friday night, I fast-forwarded to summer when I bit the bullet and decided to try on swimsuits while we were at Target and they were still available! I tried on regular suits at Ross several weeks ago with no favorites, and the ones I saw at Kohls cost a fortune – something I’m not willing to pay for a one-season-use suit.

My first baby was born in July. I spent many lazy days floating around a friend’s pool on a raft in the weeks leading up to his birth. I always just wore my normal bikinis. I even sported them at our community pool, where there’s a rule that you can’t wear a shirt over your suit if you’re in the water – I’m not sure if that rule applies to pregnant adults, but I wasn’t about to get yelled at by the teenage lifeguards. Back then, I didn’t want to pay the exorbitant price for a maternity suit, either! But then there was that feeling of sunburn on my watermelon belly no matter how much sunscreen I slathered on – I don’t care to repeat that this again year, so I figured I’d give them a second chance.

So tonight, I happened upon the perfect suit! A maternity tankini in a burnt orange color. The bottoms were black and sold separately, and I already own a pair of black bottoms, so I only had to buy the top!

Bring on toddler swim lessons!

Maternity swimsuit 2


14.5 week bump! 




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29 03 2014
Kristy Mays

Cute 🙂

30 03 2014
A Weekend at Home | Running MOMentum

[…] Target trip led to maternity clothes shopping for me – I came away with only one item, a swimsuit, that the aforementioned car seat deal mostly covered with a free gift card. I also stocked up on […]

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