My Sweet Boy: 20 Months

5 03 2014

Oh E, you are already 20 months today! 20 months! Here are 20 things we want to remember about you at this age:


1) We finally found all of our missing DVDs. The discs were shoved into an old VCR. Know anything about this?

2) You are the neatest, cleanest eater. You hate anything on your hands, so you’re quite coordinated with a fork and spoon.

3) Now that you have a big-boy haircut, you wake up with bedhead quite often.

4) You are still an extremely picky eater. You eat pretty much the same thing every day (bananas, raw veggies, fruit/veggie pouches, applesauce, oatmeal or PopTarts, bread or PB & Honey sandwiches, crackers, Teddy Grahams, NutriGrain bars, etc.)

5) You like to run around the room with your arms straight out behind you, “flying.”

6) The other day when you helped Daddy clean out the garage before the snow storm, you pointed out my bike and helmet, and knew that the helmet goes on your head. Must have learned it at school!

7) You can look at your class picture and name every classmate, even though Mommy only knows half of them.

8) We tried to watch Despicable Me 2 with you, but you still don’t understand how to watch TV, so you hit us the whole time to get attention.

9) You end up in Time Out a few times a day. At least you always hug us and say “sorry” afterward.

10) You’ll only let Daddy trim your fingernails, and only when he pretends that he needs to fix them because they’re broken.

11) Before you brush your teeth, you and Daddy always say, “And now, we’re gonna brush our teeth with a little bit of: ELMO!” (Elmo toothpaste)

12) You like to pray with Mommy on the way home from school. After “Aaaayyyymeeeennn!” you say, “Again? Again?”

13) You beg to go outside. But lately, we’ve had too much snow and it’s too cold to be out there long.

14) Sometimes you refuse to sit in your car seat because you’re too fixated on the ceiling light in the car. I pretty much have to manhandle you into your straps and seat.

15) You have quite an arm, and you’re very accurate when you throw. Perhaps you got Mommy’s coordination? (Next bilbo catcher champion, anyone?)

16) You beg to sit on the barstool at the kitchen counter so that you can color, shuffle cards, and keep tabs on what’s for dinner while we cook.

17) You often hop up on the treadmill and say “run, run, run!”

18) You have a Disney Memory card game, so we’ve been teaching you the characters. “Poca” is Pocahontas, for example.

19) You’ve gotten clingy lately. You wrap your arms and legs around Mommy when I try to put you down. I could let go of you, and you’d still be holding on.

20) When you get a booboo, you ask me to kiss it. And then it becomes a game, and I have to kiss it over and over and over, and then the booboo starts to move all around, as you point to different places for me to kiss, usually all over your head.

Happy 20 months! You’re still my one-year-old sweet baby. ❤




One response

5 03 2014
Kristy Mays

Hard to believe! Where does the time go?! it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating his 1st birthday and admiring all of your nautical themed decorations and food:) crazy!

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