Motivation and Mileage

1 03 2014

So I’ve been hemming and hawing about registering for the Shamrock Marathon since we returned to Virginia after the Disney Marathon in January. My hubby registered for it so long ago that he paid a fraction of what it costs now to register. I decided to wait til yesterday to decide, since today was the final price increase. I didn’t know what it would be like to train for another so soon (8 weeks) after my first. 

So the first few weeks, I continued to follow Jeff Galloway’s “recovery” plan for post-marathon running. And then winter really hit us hard, so the most I could run was about 7 miles on our treadmill, avoiding the 17 inches of snow piling up outside. I also continued to wait for J&A to release pictures of the finishers’ medals, which they finally did on February 19. They are way better than last year’s!! 



I arranged for our toddler to spend race day with his Grandma, so that my husband and I could enjoy the event. Last night, I finally bit the bullet and decided to *try* to go for it. It’s a great race, a festive holiday, a flat course, and the medal looks awesome! It will be fun to put together a green running costume (last year, I wore purple). The after-party is always a good time, and I’m semi-trained up for it.

I’ve been running off and on while coaching our Girls on the Run team at school, but I need to come up with a plan now that the race is only two weeks away (and essentially it’s time to taper)! I really haven’t run as much as I should have, or would have liked to. My long run should have been last week, but we were traveling. So we hired a sitter this morning and headed out on an 11-mile route that would lead us to a local winery and back. It was so cold out that I wore hand warmers under my gloves, CuddlDuds under running pants, and 3 layers of long-sleeves, which, at times, was a bit much, but with the wind, not always enough. Image

I didn’t realize how insanely hilly our route would be, so I interspersed my running with lots of walking intervals. Like, so many that I kept apologizing to my (very patient) husband. But we really enjoyed that time just talking together! When we had about half-a-mile left to get to the winery, I took one look at the final hill and decided to turn around and head home, so our course ended up being 10 miles instead of 11. And it was rough – the bitter wind, combined with newly-fertilized fields, was enough to make me try to hold my breath for long stretches! At least it was pretty. Ducks were all crammed into whatever water they could find in mostly-frozen-over ponds. Cows ran along beside us as we passed their fences. I didn’t take a picture of them because, well, we’ve all seen cows.Image

So now it’s time to come up with a game plan. Maybe tape a pic of that pretty medal to my treadmill. Come up with some healthy, running-friendly menus for these last 2 weeks. And pray that I don’t get swept before the finish line! (I’m not even joking.)

A PR would also be nice.



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