Crazy Snow, Crazy Hair

16 02 2014

So. It was about time for us to get out of the house after this crazy snowstorm! Our first outing? A trek to a nearby hill for some major sledding.

First, the kid had to scope out Daddy’s first run down the hill. “I got this,” he’s thinking:

ImageImageImageE loved and hated tubing with us. By that I mean, at the top of the hill, he whined about going down. At the bottom of the hill, he’d ask, “Again? Again?”

And then, after his much-needed nap, it was time for a much-needed haircut. E has melt-your-heart strawberry blonde curls, but the winter static leaves them pretty unruly and scraggly, so it was time for a trim. We decided to make it a big deal and travel a ways to Snip-its, a franchise that specializes in children’s haircuts. (I also love that they specialize in haircuts for children with autism!) There is only one in Virginia. They even offer a 1st Haircut package that includes a keepsake lock of hair, a matted photo, and a certificate – cheesy, yes, but I did have 2 “First Haircut” pages of his baby book to fill, and the package was free with a coupon I had. The waiting area was super kid-friendly, with play tables, toys, videos, and even a little gift shop. The bathroom had 2 toilets – one for adults and a miniature one for kids!

When they called his name, they handed him a plastic card that he would later redeem into a machine for a prize. They also had plenty to entertain him during the haircut – bubbles, a balloon, lollipops, animal crackers, and a fancy TV monitor. We tried to sit him on his own stool, but he wasn’t having any of that, so he sat in my lap and we both wore capes, which he hated. I distracted him right away with the large mirror.


The stylist suggested their standard boy haircut. She worked without trying to interact much with him other than “raining” the water on his head with a spray bottle, allowing me to do the distracting with the assorted bells and whistles at my fingertips. He also kept his Wubba in his mouth for about half the haircut. Whatever works. 🙂


He was even okay with the electric clippers to neaten the edges and around his ears!


Afterward, they did a little photo session as part of the first haircut package, so we gave him a handful of animal crackers so he’d sit in the chair. So handsome! (The knee socks were from our snow outing.)

ImageHe redeemed his card in the machine for a puffer fish bath toy – so cute! He didn’t understand, so he fed the fish back into the machine. Luckily, Daddy rescued it. Then we celebrated at Chick-fil-a, where he bravely tried 2 bites of my sandwich!




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21 02 2014
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