Valentines Day!

15 02 2014

When given the choice, I’d almost always prefer to stay in than go out to eat. I do love going to restaurants, but I always leave feeling stuffed. Sometimes I’d just rather be in the comfort of my home, especially now that we have a toddler, who is usually a charmer at restaurants but has known to be unpredictable on occasion. So our annual Valentines Day tradition of making fondue at home was perfect again this year! Plus I love my hubby’s cooking.

E and I decorated the table and got cards ready for Daddy while he was at work. And by getting them ready, I mean he colored on the back and licked the envelope (after it was sealed). Because we ordered them from Cardstore ages ago. Complete with pictures of him in the bathtub writing “I Love You” (well, I wrote it, he was working on erasing it) on the wall with bath crayons. I don’t know if baby bottoms are blog-appropriate, so I won’t post the card. But it was also mailed to the grandparents, so there are 4 copies floating around.


Oh, and I totally dressed him for the occasion:


We spent some time playing with balloons and reading his Valentine gift, “Red Wagon,” that we got free from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program. And seasoning his pretend cooking using an empty playing card box.ImageAnd of course, we enjoyed our delicious homemade cheese fondue with steak, pork, and Italian bread once Daddy came home! And cookie dough brownies. All my husband’s cooking. (I cut the bread into cubes and entertained the kid.)



I love his fondue recipe. It uses worcestershire sauce, powdered mustard, powdered garlic, CHEESE, etc., and is so yummy! It’s worth the once-a-year fondue pot cleanup!

Hope you enjoyed your Valentines Day!



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