My Sweet Boy: 19 Months

5 02 2014


E, you are 19 months today! Here are 19 of the precious moments we love about you!


1.       …love the little girls at school! If I mention their names, you run to put your jacket on for school! (“When my hillbilly Will…“)

2.       …still wait at the top of the steps to hold my hand before we walk down together.

3.      … bring me Scout’s dog food dish every single time it is empty. The moment it is empty.

4.       …are pretty smitten with our broom. It’s everywhere.

5.       …have gorgeous strawberry blonde curls which, in the winter, tend to forfeit to static.


6.       …are finished nursing but still need a full cup of milk before bed every night. And to cradle said cup til morning.

7.       …pray often  – all the way home from school every day in the car, before your meals, before bed: “Dear God, thank you for my mommy , andmy dadandmy Scout.” Always ending in a resounding “ayeeee-meeyun!” (You say the underlined parts.)

8.       …loved French toast for your 19-month breakfast and whipped-cream raspberries for dessert. Yum!

9.       …revert to using baby signs if you’re asking for something and we don’t hear you the first zillion times you asked us aloud.

10.   …want to be held while snacking in the afternoons so that Scout does not take your food.

11.   …point out every bus you see.

12.   …call every electronic a “beep, beep.”

13.   …take the trash out – dragging it from the kitchen, through the garage, to the door!

14.   …still call for Mommy when you need to be comforted in the middle of the night.

15.   …slept in until 9:45 AM last time we had a snow day!

16.   …still love to help “cook it” – with us and at your play kitchen.

17.   …you tell me when you’re about to have a dirty diaper, or once you have one, and then you beg to sit on the potty. Once you’re up there on your Elmo seat, however, you’re ready to get down. There’s hope though!

18.   …. your favorite book right now is “Daddy Calls Me Doodlebug.” We usually recite it 9 times per sitting and you dance on my leg while we read it.

19.   …love to hear me sing “10,000 Reasons” to you. It’s your new favorite.


Mommy & Daddy & Scout




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7 02 2014
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