My Turn Monday

27 01 2014

This post is inspired by our dinner at Panera the other night. First off, we scored the table directly in front of the fireplace – perfection. On a week leveled by snow and ice, it felt amazing to enjoy a hot meal by the fire. I chose my favorite creamy tomato soup to pair with the pasta I ordered in preparation for my 7-mile run the next day. Tonight, I tried to recreate the recipe using a copycat recipe I found online. There are lots of copycat recipes out there, and next time I think I’ll try a different one. We really enjoyed this one, but it wasn’t quite the same – yet! Maybe I’ll try Panera’s own recipe from their website, perhaps?

Oh and the kid had a BLAST at Panera.


Ok, paparazzi mama. Onto my cooking. The final product required a BLENDER, so naturally everything, including my cameras and the recipe itself, got covered in tomato soup!


But we enjoyed our bread bowl soup! (And I say “breadbowl,” singular, because we could only track down one in our whole town that was a normal size and not enormous.) It was nice knowing that everything that went into the soup was healthy and fresh – the best kind of dinner!

And speaking of healthy, this weekend I also decided that I need a new gameplan for running and that I would need to decide statim so that I wouldn’t lose momentum. I actually run better if I am following a training plan for a race that I’m looking forward to. I’ve been running every other morning since my last race at Disney, but I needed a direction for my longer runs on the weekends. I finished out Jeff Galloway’s training plan and post-marathon recovery runs. So I perused every upcoming race in Virginia that I could find (this is always my go-to site because you can filter the results by date and type of race) and narrowed it down to the two that interest me the most. I haven’t registered for either yet because of the fees involved this late in the game. I want to be sure these are The Ones:

February Race for the Chocolate 10k – can’t go wrong with a medal, tech shirt, chocolate, rose, and a wineglass for a 10k!

March Shamrock Marathon

I’m no stranger to the Shamrock. Last year, the half was Leg 2 of my crazy non-plan to “run 3 half marathons in a 6-week period” that just kind of happened. My husband ran the full last year and is already registered for this year, so we’ll be there anyway. The training would only require two more long runs and then I’d be ready again! I would love to see what my time would be if I didn’t get distracted by Disney characters and roller coasters while the clock is running. All the Disney hoopla added a whopping 73 minutes to my anticipated time, although I wouldn’t trade my race experience for anything! We also got invited to a pre-race pasta dinner in Virginia Beach by some other Disney bloggers who just completed the Dopey Challenge. Fun!

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be sub-zero again, so we’ll be enjoying leftover soup before Life Group at church! And definitely another early morning run because we have a 2-hour (I say 2-hour but in all honesty it’s 90-minutes for teachers) delay yet again! 🙂

Have a great week!



4 responses

27 01 2014
Kristy Mays

I’m praying for a 2hr delay…if we do they probably won’t announce it until 6:00am lol.

27 01 2014

We had a 2-hour delay today and I still skidded on the road at my school – and that was at 8:50! I always end up staying later on delay days, so it all evens out. They called Tuesday’s before I even got home from school tonight!

29 01 2014

Invest in an immersion blender for soups. Seriously, it makes life so much easier.

29 01 2014

yep; immersion blender. TJ maxx. 🙂 will be way less messy.

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