2014 Disney Marathon Weekend Recap 3: Magic Kingdom

19 01 2014

After a sparkly morning running the Inaugural Minnie 10k (recap here!), we shuttled back to Pop Century Resort briefly before heading to Magic Kingdom. We’d always wanted to do Disney together as a couple before we started our family, but in the end we always chose longer trips out west instead. Last year when visited Disney, we brought our newborn son, so we had a completely different (but still amazing!) time. So this was a date day we’d been looking forward to – just gallivanting around the park together!

I had strategically reserved our 3 FastPasses in advance and linked them to our MagicBands, so we were able to walk onto the rides that we wanted the most. We made dining reservations 180 days in advance. It was so much less stressful knowing that we wouldn’t waste our precious time in the park waiting in long lines, so I like Disney’s new online reservation system for FastPasses. (I had also refreshed my options online for about an hour until I got exactly the times that I wanted!). We arrived at Magic Kingdom by 10:45 and snuck in a quick visit with Mickey Mouse, my favorite character (my bittersweet explanation here), at Town Square Theater.


Dancing through the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party, we had to hit up Sleepy Hollow next for their legendary post-race spicy chicken waffles. I read that it’s probably the most food you can get for your money at the park – and it was pretty good until it started getting weird, if that makes sense. Maybe the reality of the unlikely combination didn’t kick in ’til my hunger was satisfied. I had timed it so that we’d be eating lunch at Sleepy Hollow in time to view the characters perform at Cinderella’s Castle.


We redeemed our first FastPass at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad soon after downing the spicy chicken waffles (that could have been really poor planning!). I appreciated how long the ride experience was and how much detail went into designing it. It seems like theme parks don’t really do that as much anymore, at least in my experience. We ran into my sister and brother-in-law and hung out with them for a bit, walking through Cinderella’s Castle.


We watched Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Fantasyland and poked around Storybook Circus, where I just HAD to visit Minnie to show her the new bling she so rightfully graced this year! I also reminisced about my little one riding Dumbo last year – he just took it all in! He’s much more particular about things now, so I’m not sure how he would do!


It was time for our FastPass at Enchanted Tales with Belle in New Fantasyland. We seemed to pick all the right spots for FastPasses – that line would have been long! My husband got cast as one of the two adult “suits of armour.” Awesome. I was uber-impressed with the technology of Lumiere as well!


Next up was the most relaxing ride EVER on Peoplemover. I honestly could have ridden that all day. No wonder my sweet little boy rode it with his auntie last year while hubby and I rode “It’s a Small World.”


More rides in Tomorrowland came next: Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Stitch’s Great Escape. Let me just tell you how horrible the Stitch ride was. Ugh! The storyline was confusing and the automated harness that is supposed to sense where your shoulders are could not quite find mine because I’m so short and bony, so it just continued to majorly crush my shoulders and spine for the majority of the ride while Stitch supposedly flitzed around in the pitch black, ruffling seats and blowing rancid chili-dog-breath in our faces. I came out ready to have it out with someone, until I read the warning sign did have a disclaimer that the restraint system could apply some “pressure” to the shoulders. (I woke up the next morning so stiff that I couldn’t move my neck, which sent me into a panic about running the marathon.)


Don’t be fooled by hubby’s pokerface. He crushed my score!

I’m just glad we could redeem ourselves at the Monsters’ Inc. Laugh Floor across the walkway later that evening, where we were caught on camera in one of the sketches! It reminded me of Turtle Talk with Crush from Finding Nemo in Epcot last year, since it’s live and interactive.

We watched Mickey’s show at the castle again and headed back to New Fantasyland for our reservation at Be Our Guest. I’ll write a recap of that dinner in its own separate post! It was highly enchanting and so nice, just the two of us! We caught up with my family and friends after dinner, where they heard the highs (and lows) of our dining experience.


It was just about time for Wishes. We putzed around in the Emporium on Main Street USA and then snagged a spot on the street in front of the castle for this magical nighttime spectacular (a show projected onto the castle, followed by elaborate fireworks), and it did not disappoint! (When I got home, I downloaded the entire album from iTunes.) The show even incorporated Frozen, with the powerful theme-song “Let it Go” that I had on my marathon training playlist.


Our FastPass was ready for Space Mountain afterward, so we walked against the crowd back to Tomorrowland. Again, bypassing the long line was awesome, and the ride once again has never disappointed me ever since my first ride at age seven! I do have to remember to tuck my race medals between my shirts when I ride it, otherwise I’d lose a tooth for SURE.

Disney is even more magical at night! We’d be having another 2:30 race morning Saturday for the half marathon, though, so we had to say goodnight to Disney, and we’d see MK again in just a few hours on Main Street USA!


Don’t forget to check back for my other Disney Marathon Weekend recaps!



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