In the market…

7 01 2014

What I’m scoping out this week!

1. The runDisney website, naturally.


2. The Simplified Planner as part of my plan to simplify to make time for what matters this year. I’ve since made 3 binders using my Staples reward dollars (I get a gift certificate from them for $20 a month): one for home organization, one for E’s “toddler-gram” papers at school (including a pouch for artwork), and one for my new printable “to-do” lists at work – one prioritized page that I fill out the night before so that I can maximize my time. It has been great and SO helpful for my memory!

2. The weather. Because here in Virginia, it’s like 1 degree. And in Florida this weekend, it’ll be 80 more than that. It was so cold and windy at the gas pump Monday night that my hands cracked open and started bleeding, right there under the Sheetz awning. Yet here I am, packing my swimsuit and summer clothes for Disney!

3. runDisney merchandise – I am way too excited about Expo. I really should be thinking about the 32.4 miles I’ll be running this weekend. Distraction is good though. Especially the shopping kind.

4. Blogs by Emily Mey and Lara Casey. Love.

5. My BlogLovin feed.

6. Less of Facebook. Because “Facebook < Life.” I unfollowed a lot of people this week (not unfriending though, just taking clutter and negativity out of my newsfeed). I also unsubscribed from exactly TWENTY-FIVE different mailing lists, so checking my email now is SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL! Best idea ever.

7. [Sold some cloth diapers on ebay to justify potentially buying #1].

8. Listening on iTunes for more music for my running playlist. I have a gift card now!

9. And just a lot of thinking. On a personal note, I am SO excited that the time to achieve this goal of mine is finally here. My husband and I started running after losing our very first pregnancy back in 2011. And when we started running, we never fathomed that we’d end up training for a marathon. We began with a 5K and just kept shooting just a little bit higher. And while he has already completed a marathon (I took a 10-week hiatus from running to have a baby, who is now 18 months old…), I am so glad that we are doing this particular one together!

The 2 quotes that have helped me to stay focused are: 



ImageWell said.





One response

8 01 2014

Love it! I need to go through emails and unsubscribe too. I’d love to see the binders you made!!

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