18 Months!

5 01 2014

Oh sweet boy, you are 18 months today! Happy half-birthday! Here are 18 fun facts about Y-O-U!

1. You are all weaned! I loved every precious moment of nursing you, but because you’re spending a week with Nana, Mommy thought it would be easier on both of us if you weren’t so dependent on it for bedtime while we’re gone! We stopped right before Christmas. You were sad for a few days (the photo below broke.my.heart. when I told you the milk was “all gone!”), but transitioned like a champ! Also, it was laundry day. Thus the track pants and Halloween jammies in December:

Elijah 18 months - 3


2. You hate having sticky hands! Ewww banana hands!

3. When you get hurt, you ask me to kiss whatever it was that got violated. And then you scamper off.

4. When you need a diaper change, you run to the toilet, trying to lift the lid while saying “poop poop!” (Baby steps!). We bought you a toddler seat for the potty yesterday and you are SO proud of it!

5. You are a champ at waiting to hold Mommy’s hand before you walk down the stairs, and you very carefully hold onto the railing. Looks like we won’t be purchasing baby gates!

6. You get your own cloth wipe when you need a tissue, and you say “dirty” and put it in your hamper when you’re finished.

7. You love to recycle, and every bottle you see, whether full or not, elicits a “recycle! recycle!” from you.

8. In December, after you’d been at school for 4 months, your teacher mentioned that you don’t talk there, ever! I couldn’t believe it! It made me so sad to hear that.

9. You call toilet paper “no no no” because that’s what I say every time you unroll it!

10. After you hit someone (or the dog, mostly), your next action is always directly related to what we say. If we say, “if you hit them again, you’re going to time out,” then you hit them again and sit in time out. If we say, “give them a hug and tell them you’re sorry,” you put their face between your hands and give them a hug and kiss.

11. You do time out like a BOSS! I have to turn away so I don’t laugh. Every.Single.Time.


12. If your jeans are too long, you prefer them rolled up.

13. Favorite activity is still to “cook it.”


14. You also love to sweep, vacuum, wipe up spills, and anything that involves cleaning! Your Grandparents got you a toy Dyson for Christmas!


15. If you’re not in the mood to read, I’ll sit on the floor and start reading a book, and you’ll sneak over and sit in my lap to hear the rest of it.

16. I have never seen someone who loves his grandmas as much as you love yours! You are very possessive over Grandma and Nana, and run directly to them to be held when you see them. It’s always a desperate snuggle of relief!

Elijah 18 months - 4

17. Your favorite food is fruit – you’d eat bananas, blueberries, and strawberries every meal if you could. (And you do.)

18. I have loved every bit of the past 18 months of being your mommy!

Elijah 18 months - 5



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