{Five on Friday!}

3 01 2014
Friiiiidayyy! This workweek was AWESOME! Two days!
(And only 3 for me next week!)
Linking up with some fun ladies for
{Five on Friday!}




My husband and I went out on New Years Eve and saw “Frozen!” The last movie we saw in theatres together was “The Lion King” in 3D. And I saw “The Help” with a friend. With a toddler, we never sit still long enough to watch any TV or movies together. Before our son came, we’d use free movie codes at Red Box instead of paying theatre prices! So this was major. Anyway: I LOVED that Anna is a redhead/strawberry blonde like me AND that the animators paid so much attention to detail that they sprinkled FRECKLES on her shoulders! Like mine! Even though she’s an animated character, they chose great colors for a redhead to wear, and I love how her hair was braided. I was also in awe of how glittery they made the snow and ice. And the soundtrack was perfect. Ok. Clearly I need to get out more. Or “let it go”… 😉




Speaking of not paying for movies, I rented “Mary Poppins” this week from the public library! I’ve seen it a zillion times, of course, and one of my ballet recitals was Mary Poppins, but it’s been a long time. I heard that you should watch it right before seeing “Saving Mr. Banks,” another Disney movie I want to see!




I think I’m on a Disney craze lately. I can’t imagine why.




I need to make an instruction page for my child. And to save time, I’m going to find a cute template to use. Yes! So even though I type 90+ words a minute and could crank one out in no time, I’m sure I’ll spend gobs of time looking for the perfect one to give to E’s sweet Nana next week!




So this is where I was going to post about my son’s curly red hair and whether I should cut it or figure out how to make it look less-messy when it’s dry, but I’m already at four Disney-themed posts, so let’s just round it out with a fifth: I am SO excited to be guest posting two race recaps for the “Running at Disney” blog in February – one for the inaugural 10k and one for the marathon! Yay!


Ok… back to looking for printable babysitter templates now. And toddler-friendly curling gel.




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3 01 2014

Confession: I have never seen Mary Poppins.

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