Single Digit Frenzy

31 12 2013


One of my favorite Christmas presents! I’m going to cry every time I read this after January 12!

So over 26 weeks of marathon training has happened since this post, and now that we’re in the single digits before our flight, there are so many last-minute things to do before we travel! Things that maybe you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a marathon, but I have to:

{Weaning my son} This was a huge decision for me. I didn’t think I’d be able to fully wean him in time, so I purchased a small manual pump to take on the plane with the intent of picking back up with nursing when I returned home. But I remember how hard it was on both of us when I went away for 3 nights in October, so I decided to bite the bullet and get him weaned this month. We made it 17.5 months together, and words cannot describe how blessed I was to have that experience with him. Status: Success! Pump returned, which amounts to money back in the bank, lots more room in my suitcase, and a happier toddler (and Nana) while we’re away!

{Finish wills} Since we are traveling (and flying, and running ) without the baby, and running a combined distance of 71.1 miles in one weekend, we wanted to have things in place in case something tragic were to happen. Status: Finished, witnesses signed, and in a safe place!

{New playlist} My running playlist was starting to feel like a piece of gum that’s been chewed for too long, so I made an all-new running playlist that will keep me going for all the running I’ll be doing. So far my playlist is only 2 hours long, so I need a lot more music! Status: Need more playlist suggestions!

{Running clothes} This is Disney, so I want to wear something cute and comfortable. I am not wearing a costume, but I did want to put thought into what I wear. For the inaugural Minnie Mouse 10k: a light-blue Lululemon tank* (Style: “Free to Be” or “Energy”) and black/blue C9 running shorts from Target (found them super-cheap on clearance yesterday!) For the marathon: another Lululemon tank (Style: “Push Ur Limits;” Color: raspberry/assorted stripe bleached coral) and deep purple C9 Target running shorts (also a clearance score!). Running socks and a purple sparkle headbandStatus: Need to wash and pack!

{Break in running shoes} Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s with my custom prescribed orthotics. I have flat feet, so finding good running shoes is always difficult for me. The orthotics shift the weight of my pelvis off my lower back, where my spine is fused. I was excited when they finally made them in pink! Status: broken in. love.

{Headphones} My husband got me Jaybirds for Christmas… why did I not have these sooner? It’s so nice to have bluetooth headphones that I can control without fiddling with my phone (even though I carry my phone in my hand while I run). This will be good for all the photo ops along the course: I’ll have my phone handy and can pass it off to a voluntEAR for a quick pic! Status: Charged and ready. 

{Battery life} So my phone dies around mile 23, I’ve learned, if I am using music, RunKeeper, and the camera while I run. That is not okay, so I’ll be carrying an Anker Astro Mini iPhone external charger in my SPIBelt. I did a practice run yesterday, and didn’t even know I was carrying it. Status: Needs charging.

{See “Frozen”} I’m pretty sure the last movie I saw in theatres was The Help. That was YEARS ago! So my husband and I have a date today to see “Frozen!” (I also really want to see “Saving Mr. Banks,” so I reserved “Mary Poppins” at the library to rewatch first.) How is this related to running a marathon?? I figured we should see it before we head to Disney! Status: matinee date today!

{Fastpasses} We have one day at Magic Kingdom, and we want to make the most of it, so we made dining reservations 170 days ago, and I reserved our FastPasses last night. Status: Tickets and MagicBands – check!

{Taper Runs} I have exactly 5 training runs left before the marathon, the longest one being 7 miles, and one of them being the Disney 10k! I can do this!


*I linked a lot of products, but I’m not compensated for any of them. 



2 responses

1 01 2014

I will be thinking about you Ashley! I am going to sign up to follow you during the marathon! You will do great! Good luck!

1 01 2014

Aww thank you!! I’m excited!! 🙂

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