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27 12 2013

Joining in the linkup with Darci + friends for {Five on Friday!}

A pre-Christmas bug bit our whole family this week, but we are finally feeling better and are excited to spend Christmas Round 2 this weekend with my family! And instead of feeling sluggish from all the Christmas goodies I could have eaten, I’m 6 pounds lighter thanks to the bug.


We enjoyed some nice weather over the weekend, so after a long training run, we headed back outside to the park for some much-needed air! We even brought along our Jack Russell, which became quite the juggling act!





As tradition, we spent Christmas Eve with my husband’s family. We hung out, snacked on appetizers, and went to their Christmas Eve service. Afterward, we did our annual “sibling gift exchange,” (he is one of many siblings) which was not as vicious as it could have been! Maybe it needs to be spiced-up some next year?




We got home on Christmas Eve around midnight EXHAUSTED. So we didn’t get to bake Christmas cookies, but instead left out store cookies with a note that I helped E to write for his visit to Santa at our local toy store (another activity we missed out on due to his sickness — we did manage one visit back in November at my school, though!)


12-27-13 recap 7




Growing up, my siblings and I were never allowed downstairs on Christmas morning until the coffee was made, so we’d wait at the top of the steps. My little brother posted a picture of himself at the top of the steps again this year with “#chrismtastradition” – love it! – and at my house, we still do the same thing while my husband makes the coffee!





I know that most toddlers love cooking and toy kitchens, but I pray that E’s love of being like his daddy continues – he loves helping us with all sorts of things around the house: recycling, throwing trash away, “fixing” things, cooking, grocery shopping, and more. He copies everything that his daddy does, and it’s so sweet! He’s been walking around with a screwdriver all week “fixing” the doorknobs after locking himself in his room and watching me take it apart to get him out!

Santa must have known that a kitchen just his size would be perfect! He’s been cooking up a storm ever since!

Enjoy your holidays!



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