9 12 2013

One of my favorite events of the year is the ChristmasTown Dash 8k at Busch Gardens. This weekend, we headed to Williamsburg for the race. On the way, we stopped in my college town for our nephew’s 1st birthday party. While E was not interested in cake at his 1st birthday, he started begging for the cupcakes and dug right in this time! I do believe he’s been having them at school for his classmates’ birthdays, because we haven’t had cake since his birthday party in July! I didn’t even know he knew the word “cupcake!”


Later, after 2.5 hours of travel, we made it to Williamsburg. E slept the whole way, even after sleeping in by 2 hours that morning AND taking a 45-minute nap on the way to the birthday party! As we took our exit to get to Dick’s Sporting Goods to pickup our race packets, I got an email that the race (the next morning) was postponed due to icy and wet weather conditions. Wow! Crazy timing -we had JUST gotten to Williamsburg after driving all day! It was definitely understandable, and I was happy that they were still going to let us pickup our packets (the contents contained our bib, race shirts, free Busch Gardens tickets, free Chick-fil-a, and coupons — nice swag for a $35 race!). They were scrambling to make arrangements to still hold the event exactly one week later. That’s a lot of volunteer labor! A lot of runners whined about it on Facebook, but honestly, we all made sacrifices to be there this weekend, and we all will have to make sacrifices to be there next weekend, and I’m happy they were thinking of our safety first. I’m sure that would have been a huge liability on their end, both for the running company and for Busch Gardens.

Not running the race yesterday meant that I still needed to get in a training run when we got home, so I hopped on the treadmill to burn off lots of pent-up energy from driving on icy roads back across Virginia to get home! So thankful we made it home safely. We passed about a dozen accidents on the interstate on the way home due to slippery roads and fog. I took this pic while my husband was driving:


All in all, we ended up spending a relaxing weekend with my parents and little brother. It was nice to see my parents’ house decorated for the holidays, since we won’t be there for Christmas this year.


When we got home, I got a phone call that the school where I work would be closed today, so I’m at home savoring an “ice day” with my little one! He’s been sick and throwing up, so it’s good to be home with him.

{He probably loaded up on too many gingerbread cookies at Grandma’s.} ❤Image




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9 12 2013
Kristy Mays

Yay for snow days!

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