{Five on Friday}

6 12 2013

Linking up with Carolina Charm + friends for {Five on Friday}! I was very blessed this week to have some time to shop and redeem some deals, some time to get my spine back in shape after a major training run, and some time to catch up with a dear friend over a hot, delicious caramel latte from Panera. I love coffee mugs that feel like little bowls!

December is here! Let’s talk all things Christmas-in-my-house today!

Christmas decor


I’ve slowly been replacing our fall decor with Christmas touches around our house… it’s much harder to display things this year with a 17-month-old getting into everything! {If you have toddlers or pets, I’m sure your tree is top-heavy like ours!} My chalkboard DIY is here. My coworker, our school’s art teacher, made me the “candy dish” of truffles as a Christmas gift a few years back. I had to leave some fragile items in the attic this year… but wouldn’t it be nice to have this nativity? Or a gorgeous, handmade felted wool nativity? Maybe I should look into making one…


Christmas cards


Our Christmas cards arrived this week! I used a deal from Cardstore.com, which is where I made my cards last year, too. I love the quality of their cards!


Christmas ornament


…and last year, I used Cardstore’s packing confetti to fill lots of homemade ornament gifts. When Shutterfly sends me 101 free prints every once in awhile, I just cut the preview page into strips and curl them into the ornament. We decorated our Christmas tree this week, and E loves pointing out each ornament. He’s learning so many new words by telling us about the ornaments on the tree. ❤

Christmas tree


Christmas ornament 2


As I hung our Disney ornaments from our trip last year for the Princess Half Marathon, I couldn’t help but get excited about our upcoming trip to Disney World for Marathon Weekend, which is just a month away! There are so many elements of this trip left to plan. I snagged a good deal on park tickets when I bought Disney gift cards from Target using my RedCard. In addition to drooling over menus of the restaurants where we booked reservations about 150 days ago, we are also in the thick of our training programs for the actual races we’re doing! On Saturday, I ran 23 miles, which will be my longest training run before the marathon. Now it’s all tapering from here, with one more long run to go! My chiropractor appointment Wednesday was a-mazing and much-needed, as was the heat therapy he did for me!


Christmas books


This fall, I posted about reading Halloween books with E, and I’ve been doing the same with our Christmas book collection. We typically go to “Merry Christmas, Ollie!” {let’s be honest… all year long…it’s my favorite!}, but this week I rounded up a set of other Christmas books he had in his room {note: need to search the rest of the house for others, like a million versions of the Nutcracker} and got the idea from The Girl in the Red Shoes to read a different Christmas book each night until the big day. Let’s see if he’ll sit that long…!

Have  a wonderful weekend! We will be running a race where the course takes us through Busch Gardens ChristmasTown, always my very favorite race of the year!! 🙂




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