17 Months!

5 12 2013

Oh, E. You are 17 months today! Here are 17 fun facts about Y-O-U!


1. Your new favorite phrase is, “I don’t KNOW!” as you throw your palms out and upward.

2. You have strawberry blonde curls and L-O-N-G eyelashes just like Mommy!

3. Helping to “cook it” has become your new favorite hobby! You pretend to stir all day long, and you beg for us to hold you while we cook so that you can watch (and help stir).

4. We are still nursing – once at bedtime. (And, for some odd reason, all this week around 4 AM for no apparent reason.)

5. When you hop onto the treadmill, you say, “Run, run, run!” before you jog in place.

6. If we give you any one food for too long, you never want it again (so long, Cheerios, bread, etc.).

7. You love smelling candles and also (sniff-testing) your laundry before tossing it into your hamper.

8. You initiate kisses on the lips and say, “mwah!”

9. You take the time to wave goodbye to everyone in your class when I pick you up from school.

10. You like to lift things up and pretend that they’re heavy.

11. After breakfast, you wander around the living room calling, “jacket? jacket! jacket? jacket!” pretending to look for your jacket even though it’s in the same place you took it off the day before.

12. You have no interest in TV (other than the power button)… because we never watch TV around here!

13. You love to point out your favorite Christmas ornaments each time you see our tree.

14. You love hearing Grandma’s voice on the phone.

15. You go from 0 to 60 when we wake you up in the mornings. You pop up and try to dance and jump around before you’re fully awake and usually end up falling over or stumbling into the crib rails like a WWF wrestler. It’s my very favorite part of the day!

16. You always wave “bye” to your toothbrush each night after brushing your teeth.

17. You absolutely LOVE to scare and be scared! You’re such a good sport about it! (And you love to yell, “Boo!”)

I love to see you change and learn and grow.

I love seeing all the little things that you pick up on at school, like blowing kisses and using baby signs.

E, you are so good at showing love to your family and to others. It makes my heart so full and happy to see the sweet baby you’ve always been grow into the sweet little boy that you are becoming!



One response

5 12 2013
Kristy Mays

I can’t get over how quickly time has gone. Can’t wait to see all of you soon! Love ya!

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