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29 11 2013

Linking up with Carolina Charm + her friends for Five on Friday!





Thanksgiving crafts! I am SO thankful that my son’s sweet teachers make seasonal crafts with him at daycare! That leaves me to fill my time with sweet snuggles with my itty bitty! {And the list of thankfuls they made for him? “Mommy, bread, pacifier, Daddy.” Love it! Even though we haven’t sent his Wubbanub pacifier in AGES, they were on-the-ball with the bread!}




It has been COLD this week. The elementary school where I work is pod-style. (Thank you, summer of 1970.) So I’m constantly outside walking to classrooms to pick up and drop off my students. In addition to wearing CuddlDuds and SmartWool socks at.all.times, I keep a stash of winter essentials in my school bag. My favorites are CJ’s Butter and EOS lip balm (Sweet Mint). I never had a problem with dry hands until I went on a mission trip in college to Brooklyn in one-degree weather for a week, working in an unheated church. I’m pretty sure I got some kind of mild frostbite because ever since, my hands begin cracking at winter’s first cold breath. The creamy lotion is thick and smooth but not oily or greasy! You can find deals this weekend at Abby’s Lane, where I also get E’s cloth diapers. Not compensated for gushing about my winter go-tos!


11-28-13 Turkey Trot 2


I ran a 5k race this week for a change! My husband and I did a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, where the finish line was only 0.1 miles away from his parents’ front yard! The last time I ran this race, I was pregnant. I set a time goal for myself this time, despite the brutal hills I remember from a few Thanksgivings ago. Their chip timer was off and so my recorded time was the “gun time” which was probably off by about a minute, but I’m pretty sure I met my goal! No time to stop for the free mimosas being handed out along the way! Next up? Back to reality with a 23-mile training run on Saturday…




I fell in love with this coat in a shop at my work conference at the Homestead, and found a much better deal online with free shipping and a coupon code! My sweet hubby ordered it and surprised me with it a few days ago! {This was also right after he gave me a chocolate raspberry candy bar on the anniversary of the date that we kissed on a storied bridge and first talked about marriage (to each other).} Now I’m just debating whether to keep it because I found out that #1 – it’s dry-clean only, and #2 – the backside is poofy, which of course I didn’t notice in the store. What to do, what to do!




Due to a predicted wintry mix, my work had a 2-hour delay on Tuesday! I was able to get a treadmill run in while letting my toddler sleep in a bit. I finally had to wake him up around 8:15 to head out the door! On Wednesday, I sent him off to daycare so that my husband and I could tackle some major projects around the house, since we have to pay for this full holiday week anyway. This might have been our first-ever weekday at home together! We met with a banker, shopped at Lowe’s and Home Depot, enjoyed a lunch date at Panera, remodeled our half bathroom, ordered our Christmas cards, and wrote our wills. It’s amazing what you can complete in 6.5 hours without a toddler underfoot! (And yes, I did just post the link to this article, but these were things that we had been putting off and would have taken 20 times as long to finish otherwise! Most of which could not be accomplished during his bedtime due to hammering and sawing, the bank being closed, etc.)


I hope you and yours had a relaxing, peaceful, and thankful Thanksgiving. We sure did. Even though my son was battling a fever of 102.5 and skipped his morning nap! Too much excitement with 23 other family members and friends, 1 dog, and 1 bunny to play with! ❤



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29 11 2013

How often do you really need to clean a coat anyway — once a season or if something gets spilled on it. I think most new wool winter coats are going to be dry clean only. It looks adorable in your picture. I say keep!

29 11 2013

Haha thanks! My biggest fear is a kid hugging me with ketchup or Cheetos hands while at lunch duty! We keep our coats on because of our pod school and lack of places to hang coats! Gahh! Happy Thanksgiving!

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