{Five on Friday}

22 11 2013
Linking up with the 4 blogs above^ for their weekly {Five on Friday} linkup! Love reading their blogs!

{One} My 16-month-old “read” me a book this week! Reading together is something we’ve made a priority since he was born, and he started recognizing books and turning the pages just as soon as his tiny fingers could curl around those board pages! He loves the book “Doggies” by Sandra Boynton and mimicking all the different sounds the various breeds make as he “reads the pictures.” He has been reading it aloud every night this week, and I was able to record a partial version of it.


Stitch Fix 2

{Two} I already scheduled my next Stitch Fix for December! I updated my flair board on Pinterest to reflect the types of pieces I’d like to receive and updated my style profile. I requested what I’d like to get (and what I DO.NOT. want to get!). The clothes this go-round will be free because of the referral credits I’ve earned. Wanna try it for yourself? Check out my first Stitch Fix review here! I also got a new ThredUp bag in the mail after my first sendoff earned me a payout of $42.64!


Days til marathon

{Three} Um. There are, like, 51 days left until I run the Disney marathon. Last night, I asked Siri, “how many days until January 12?” I was momentarily distracted and impressed by her thorough breakdown. When you put it that way, 0.14 years away doesn’t sound too terribly daunting, right??



{Four} I discovered the ShopKick app this week while reading holiday savings tips in my latest (free) Redbook magazine. You earn “kicks” (points) for simply walking into stores. I earned 150 points just for walking into the entryway of Target Thursday afternoon. The app feels like a scavenger hunt – it provides a list of specific items, and I find them in the store and scan the barcodes with my phone to earn more kicks. The other day, I scanned several items at the grocery story (without buying them), and earned about 300 kicks. After about 1250 kicks, you can start redeeming for gift cards. Here’s my referral link! (I also love combining my Target Cartwheel app with Target coupons, manufacturer’s coupons, and my RedCard.) Not compensated for this post.


Pinterest - Birch

{Five} A few {5 on Fridays} ago, I posted about all the beautiful birch logs that I recovered from work after a storm. My hubby and I love birch because it reminds us of our honeymoon in Glacier National Park in Montana. I happily pinned several different ideas for displaying them and even bought a beautiful black wire half-basket from HomeGoods in which to display the logs for Christmas. When I sat down outside to treat them this weekend, I was successfully able to whiten the bark using Pink Pearl erasers and duct tape (photo below). The process was slow, however, and required a ton of elbow grease, so I experimented with bleach. The bleach was unsuccessful in whitening the bark; it actually yellowed it – but it did summon a mass-evacuation of the TERMITES that had been secretly inhabiting the logs! Ugh!! We relocated the logs to a wooded area several miles away! Sad day!birch

Birch whitening using duct tape – works!

Have a great weekend! We are looking forward to breakfast with Santa tomorrow at my workplace!



One response

22 11 2013
Jessi Otey

What a neat honeymoon location! Thanks for sharing and I do love to decorate with birch logs!

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