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15 11 2013

Linking up with Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha for their weekly 5 on Friday!

Flannel sheets! Because it’s THAT cold now. I decided it was time when I found myself wrapping my fleece Shamrock blanket around me like a burrito every night when I got into bed. Flannel sheets are amazing in the winter when I want to avoid cold toes! I have lots of other winter go-tos — I’ll have to sprinkle them into other 5 on Friday posts!


Five on Friday 16

On Tuesday, I dropped off my Operation Christmas Child boxes at Chick-fil-a. We decided to send one box to a little girl (age 5-9), and one for a little boy (age 5-9). We included items such as small toys, art supplies, coloring activity books, bar soap, hard candy, toothbrushes (lots of them!), toothpaste, sunglasses, and small stress balls shaped like the earth. I also opted to make my boxes trackable this year!


Five on Friday 17

Five on Friday 18

After my work conference last week at The Homestead Resort and Spa, I unpacked, repacked, and headed to my hometown for the Virginia Running Festival, where my hubby placed for a medal in his age division in the half marathon! He has been winning awards at his last few races! I am so proud of him and his dedication to making healthy choices, and winning is an added boost! I entertained our toddler for 1 hour and 42 minutes (and 37 seconds) while my husband was running 13.1 miles – no easy task! We had to stay away from all the areas on campus that had been blocked off for the race! And while I spotted a gorgeous backdrop for photos, E discovered his new favorite hobby – throwing rocks onto the brick walkways that were blocked off for runners while yelling, “don’t!”





We spent some time gallivanting around my hometown on Sunday after the race. First, we tried to find a geocache at a sports complex a mile from my parents’ house. We circled the spot for about 40 minutes before an employee came to break the news that the cache had gone missing 2 weeks ago. So we headed over to a fancy park with my mom to enjoy the last few hours of daylight before the long drive home. My 16-month-old wanted to ride every slide in the park – even the steep, twisty ones! And even though he was fine to ride on some of them solo – and did – I may have invited myself on some of the rides just for fun!



5 on Friday 5


And speaking of final hours of sunlight, check out this sunset I happened upon on Tuesday! It was only by chance that I spotted it after a busy day of running at 5 AM, full day of work, leading a Girl Scouts meeting for an hour after work (when the leader got strep and wanted to cancel altogether), dropping off the Operation Christmas Child boxes, getting dinner (and my toddler from daycare), and heading back out with the whole family (and our homemade treats) to our Life Group.


After scrambling to wash cloth diapers, nurse E, get him into bed, and complete all those other precious mommy/daddy tasks, I finally collapsed into my… (wait for it)… flannel sheets. 🙂




5 responses

15 11 2013

That slide looks death defying from that angle 🙂

16 11 2013

Oh it definitely felt like it! There were 2 very steep twisty slides that E begged to go on, so we did! This one had a giant rock formation to climb to get to the slide! Another slide had a crazy ladder, so my husband had to hand our son up to me each time, and I’d have to pull him up by his arms! Thanks for reading!

16 11 2013
Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate

Hi, Ashley! Thanks for visiting me at Chatting Over Chocolate!! So nice to “meet” you! I’m officially your newest subscriber and looking forward to enjoying your future posts! {Can’t wait to hear all about your upcoming Disney race in a few months!} … What a fun 5 on Friday post 🙂 Congrats to your hubby on his fantastic finish at the race! What a breathtaking sunset!! Gorgeous photos! Hope you and your family are having a wonderful weekend!

17 11 2013
A Heart for Service | Running MOMentum

[…] and I was starting to change my mind. My back has been stiff since last weekend, when my husband ran a race and I carried our toddler on my left hip for nearly 2 hours on my feet. (Something I’m not […]

11 11 2014
“For the Kids!” |Operation Christmas Child | Running MOMentum

[…] son was uber-excited this year to fill boxes for Operation Christmas Child like we did last year. We chose to sponsor 2 girls ages 10-14 because, well, I have a family of boys. I picked up our […]

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