Stitch Fix Review #2: Sister Stitch!

2 11 2013
My sister received her first fix from Stitch Fix! I just love reading SF reviews and seeing what other people received in their boxes, since I was so pleased with my first fix! It also gives me ideas on what/what not to ask for in my next fix! I am constantly updating “My Flair” board on Pinterest. She signed up through my referral link from my first review, scoring me $25 toward my next box!
A quick “how it works” – create a style profile based on a pretty specific questionnaire that asks detailed questions about sizing, colors, style preferences, and pricing preferences. Schedule a date for the box to arrive (requires $20 styling fee, which you get right back in credit for purchasing the clothing). When the box arrives, try on everything in the comfort of your own home, pairing it with your own wardrobe. Keep what you want, and return what you don’t want in the postage-paid bag within three days. Go online and pay for what you want and let them know what you’re sending back, and if you want, note why – so they’ll better get to know your sizes and style. Sign up for a monthly box or a one-time box. Simple!
She scheduled her fix to arrive this past week. My niece was also super-excited, and wanted to schedule a fix of her own, but she’s too young! Hmm… future business venture? Oh wait… I know nothing about little girls’ clothes; I have a toddler boy! πŸ™‚
One of the great things about Stitch Fix is the styling card they include with each piece, offering ideas to make them more striking and versatile. A lot of times, I wouldn’t have thought of certain color pairings, but I can usually find something similar in my closet to what is pictured. I hope they send me lots of colors in my next fix; my first fix was too many shades of grey… πŸ™‚
That said, I think her box seemed underwhelming upon first glance. First off, she specifically asked for no bracelets, and spied a set of bangles right away. Sometimes, it seems like Stitch Fix sends items that will challenge you out of your comfort zone! But the verdict: Sent back.


And then – Wispy red blouse with a gorgeous mint and navy print design. Verdict:Β Kept.
Next up – the teal Dolman top. I loved the color and the stripes, but it was swimming on her frame. (She’s training for Disney Marathon weekend! Just two months to go!) Verdict: Sent back. I’ll have to make a note on my next fix request – no Dolman tops for me, either!
Gray sweater: Loved color, knit, and waistline, but the over-the-shoulder collar was annoying. {PS – I still think it’s gorgeous and may have to pin it to “My Flair” board after this post! I just love it! Maybe paired with a long necklace?}
Skinny jeans: Not needed. Verdict: Sent back.
{Has anyone had luck with skinny jeans in their box? I’d be afraid they wouldn’t fit me! It’s hard for me to pick out the right size in the store, let alone have a stranger try to size them for me!}
Wanna read my previous review?
I am not being compensated for these reviews, although I do receive a $25 credit toward my next fix if you sign up through my link! When you schedule your first fix, you’ll also receive a referral link so that you can refer your friends!



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4 11 2013

1) I love dolman sleeves, not the full top, but you have to pair them with skinny jeans. It could have been on the wrong pant style, which brings me to my next point–
2) I wouldn’t try on skinny jeans from a box, but I’d sure invest in a pair. You need them for boots alone. I scored some great ones at Ross (Anne Klein brand). They give you less bag at the knee when you tuck your boots! πŸ™‚

4 11 2013

I love Ross! And yes – agreed on the skinny jeans. I meant they weren’t needed because she already has so many pairs! πŸ™‚

21 12 2013
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