{Five on Friday: Roadtrip Edition}

31 10 2013

Linking up with Darci and friends for {Five on Friday: Roadtrip Edition}. On Sunday, we headed from North Carolina to Virginia after a fabulous fall photo shoot with my sister! Here are a few favorite moments she captured!




And now… my Five!


5onF one


On the way home, we stopped at our church’s fall festival, complete with train rides, an indoor circus, bounce houses, trunk-or-treating, costumes, and balloons! Our pastor gave our mini kangaroo four balloons, and E was happy for the rest of the night! He was so proud of them; he carried the whole bunch onto the little train ride! Who needs candy??


5onF two


(And speaking of candy, my 15-month-old LOVED EVERY BIT of trick-or-treating last night. He loved walking up to the porches, banging on the doors, and inviting himself inside to play with whatever was in sight! As far as the candy element, he would hold tightly onto one piece of candy at a time, and at each different house, he’d take a new piece and leave his candy from the previous house in their basket. So even though we circled our entire neighborhood, he only came home with a few pieces of candy in his kangaroo pouch, after lots and lots of trade-outs!)


5onF three


My little brother called me while we were driving (on his birthday) to tell me that he got engaged! We are so excited for them!! They are an adorable couple, and my little brother has always been one of my very best friends. I just love his proposal story, his fiancée, and the beautiful ring he picked out! Good job, little brother! And he has real-time pictures of his engagement!


5onF four


We pulled over at an elementary school for a quick diaper change, and E spotted a playground across the field and fixated on it – why not? We all played for 30 minutes. (P.S., I’m still an Ace at monkey bars!) E loved walking up and down the steps and going down the slides. It was a much-needed stretch break for all of us!


5onFri five


We had our first two geocaching experiences during our roadtrip, and I think we’re hooked! My nephew told us all about his adventures in geocaching during our visit, so we had to try it for ourselves! There is a secret world out there, people! I’ve since realized that there are two hidden near my school and another one within walking distance of my house! I’ll just have to be stealth and watch out for muggles. Want to try geocaching for yourself?



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