Snail Mail Love

29 10 2013


I love getting fun mail, and this week has been good so far! I’m not getting compensated for any of these items, but here goes!

  • Stitch Fix: some of my friends must be receiving their first fixes this week, because I got another $50 in referral credits! Wanna get your own box of cute, trendy clothes in the mail? Fill out your profile here! (I do get a sweet $25 credit for each person who schedules her first fix through my link!) Here’s a recap of my first review! So much fun!!

Stitch Fix 2

  • New kicks! A running shop recommended that I wear Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s, and they’ve been perfect for me (and my orthotics) for my last several half marathons, and when it came time to start breaking in a new pair of shoes, Mizuno came out with a pink and lime green version!(!!!!) I watched them on Amazon for awhile until the price dropped, then used my Amazon points to purchase the shoes! These will be the shoes I’ll be wearing for my marathon! Pink? Disney? Perfect!


  • My mom overnighted this package that arrived tonight. It contains my ballet recital finale costume from June 21, 1999… naturally, I will be wearing it to work tomorrow. Unrelated to Halloween but completely related to tomorrow being the 50th day of school.

1950s costume

  • Waiting on a budget-friendly cardigan I ordered from, a site I just discovered in the last few weeks. Dangerous!
  • Cloth diaper flushable liners – Imse Vimse flushable liners have been a lifesaver this week, as E has had a horrible skin reaction that I am PRAYING is not due to a peanut allergy, and these have made for easier diaper cleanups. I’ve had to break out the diaper sprayer several times this week, which we’ve rarely used in 15 months. I’ve tried a zillion brands of these, but these are my favorites b/c they’re disposable OR reusable. The toddler sizes arrived in my mailbox this week!

Hopefully to come this week, though not via snail mail:

  • Recap of lots of fall festivities we’ve attended with our toddler!
  • {Five on Friday} Roadtrip Adventures!



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