A Toddler’s Lens

27 10 2013

On Friday, we headed down to NC to spend the weekend with my sister and her family. I love spending time with them and wish we lived closer! The drive took longer than expected. For several days before the trip, my tire pressure light had been on, but it did the same thing last fall when the temperature dropped suddenly like it did this week. My hubby asked me about it when we were about halfway to NC and it had returned, and I waved it off, saying it had been on for a few days now because of the cold weather. He pulled into the nearest Sheetz and within seconds, let me know he found a screw wedged into my front tire. Whoops.  He was so incredibly sweet about it. We were able to patch it and continue on our way.


We finally arrived around 11, and E was so excited to see all the toys at my sister’s house!


Saturday, we gobbled up cinnamon buns, then headed to the mall while my sister’s family did the Color Me Rad 5k. We’d already done that race when I was 8 months pregnant, so we decided to bow out this time, especially since we were headed out for fall pictures with my sister that evening and didn’t want to be stained in colored cornstarch! We had so much fun playing and watching E ham it up for her camera.

NC Fall 2013

E did such a great job, and the sun behaved as well, presenting a gorgeous evening backdrop. Here’s a sneak preview!

NC Fall 2013



Photo credits to my sweet sister 🙂

E got to spend special time with each cousin this weekend!

Playing drums with cousin K:


Bedtime stories with cousin E:


Nursery time in the movie theatre with cousin A:


On Sunday, I woke up super early with E, then headed out for a long run before church. The combo of cold-weather running, a hot shower, no time for coffee, and standing to sing to the pulse of worship music made me feel like the movie theatre was spinning and my heart was racing, so we opted to spend the time hanging out in the nursery and playing with E instead. My sweet sister had to perform the Heimlich when E was choking on too many animal crackers — scary!! Did I mention she’s amazing??

He was so cute when he saw me holding a 4-month-old. He kept bringing things to the little baby and trying to put the baby’s paci in his mouth. Precious!

Our ride home was WAY more eventful even than the ride down, but those adventures shall be saved for my next post….!!




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