{Five on Friday}

25 10 2013

Today is a half-day at work, since I was there 13 hours yesterday, then my family is heading south (again!) for our fall photoshoot! So excited to spend the weekend with my sister and her family. We live way too far away from each other – something needs to be done about this!! I’m hoping the fall colors will be perfect for pictures. Now time to link up with Darci for my {Five on Friday}!




I am so ecstatic that I finished my 5th half marathon this past weekend and ran the whole 13.1 miles without stopping! I traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC for a girls’ weekend with three other teachers to do the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, and we had so much fun! It was hard to leave my 15-month-old for the first time EVER, especially for 3 nights! Read about our trip here! I still cannot believe we did it!




While I was on the girls’ trip, my husband took our son camping with his family! The fall colors looked amazing! I sooo want to go back with them next year! Personalized white hoodie and photo credit both go to one of E’s sweet grandmas, “NanaPops!”



Pumpkin bread! I love reading everyone’s Five on Friday posts and coming across new blogs! They give me lots of fun inspiration, encouragement, and ideas – like a personalized Pinterest! I found this easy 2-ingredient pumpkin bread recipe on Christina’s Carolina Charm blog and it was SUPER easy. Open, open, pour, pour, mix, bake. SIMPLE. I made it Monday night after returning from being away for 4 days and had a million other things to do. Next time, I’ll use eggs, since it was pretty crumbly! I left my camera at work last night, so I can’t upload the picture! But I did come home to a clean house, a toddler in his jammies fresh from his bath, and hubby baking 3 loaves of banana bread!


Pile of multicolored mixed casual clothes on white background.


I found a tip for curly hair in Redbook magazine this week (thank you, RunDisney, for sending me a free subscription after I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon!). Instead of using a towel to dry my hair, it suggested using a t-shirt. This is supposed to cut down on static/friction and keep my curls smooth instead of frizzy. I’ve tried it for 2 weeks now, using t-shirts turned inside-out, and I do notice a difference! My curls definitely feel smoother! {Photo credit}




My son’s school had a Chick-fil-a Spirit Night recently, where I picked up an empty shoebox to fill for Operation Christmas Child. I am already loving filling the box! If you’ve done this before, what do you like to include in your box? {Photo credit}

Happy Friday!



5 responses

25 10 2013
Rebecca Jo (@RebeccaJoKnits)

I usually put in crayons, pencils, tooth brushes, combs, … if a girl, ribbons, bows, finger nail polish. a little doll, bracelets… boy? hot wheels

25 10 2013

Thanks for the suggestions! I went out and grabbed combs and toiletries for my box this afternoon… thanks for the idea!

25 10 2013

You are a half marathon veteran, good for you! I’ve been wanting to compete in a triathlon since I had my baby but haven’t started training yet. I’m having too hard of a time leaving him at the gym daycare.

25 10 2013

That would be an awesome goal! I’ve never done a triathlon! I’m sure it would be hard to leave your baby at the gym daycare! We ended up getting a treadmill that I use before work during the week, then my husband and I take turns doing our long (outdoor) runs on the weekends.

25 10 2013

HI stopping by from the link!
congrats on your 5th half! thats awesome 🙂

stopping by from http://lifethroughamuir.blogspot.com/

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