Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon Race Recap!

9 10 2013

On Saturday, we headed down to Hampton, VA for packet pickup and expo for the Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon! The expo was fairly small, so we probably could have done with just a raceday pickup to get our bibs, shirts, and goodie bags. We took some cute pictures of E with the race mascot, and I looked for a pair of new running shoes so that I can slowly break them in before the marathon, but they didn’t have exactly what I wanted.

Crab 1

We spent a little time shopping in Williamsburg before heading over to my parents’ house. They watched E when we headed back to Hampton on Sunday for the race.  We had a lasagna pre-race dinner with my parents Saturday. The table was beautiful!

Crab 3

However yummy and beautiful, E refused it, so he had snacks and some fruits/veggies in a pouch. He ended up crying all night, and we didn’t put it together until around 5 AM that HE WAS STILL HUNGRY. No wonder he tried to nurse about 8 times! My mom had even gotten up to rock him. We were exhausted from the long day of traveling and frustrated that we were missing our precious hours of sleep before the race. We had originally planned to leave the house at 5 AM, but we ended up leaving around 6 – and I hate feeling stressed and rushed before  a race!

Still, we arrived in Hampton with plenty of time to park, walk around, and stretch before the race began. We found our corrals easily – my husband placed into Corral 1! The weather the day before had been 93 degrees, so I was nervous about the heat, but I knew there were plenty of hydration stations throughout the course. In parts where the course wasn’t shaded, like around the river, there was actually a slight breeze.

Crab 6

Part of our course through Hampton, Virginia

Still, it was a hot one – I have crazy tan lines to prove it! I was pretty fatigued from pulling an all-nighter after a day of traveling. At one point, I almost had a literal run-in with a car. The traffic attendant waved a car through when there was a gap between me and another group of runners, which was fine, but then he waved a second car through when he shouldn’t have! The car came whizzing by – I’m glad I was paying very close attention! At one intersection, us runners had the right-of-way to a firetruck! I guess it wasn’t an emergency – the firemen waved to us. At another intersection, we did yield to an ambulance, who was picking up a runner who had collapsed at the 11-mile marker. Yikes!

Despite the heat, I was on-pace to make a new PR up until around mile 10 or 11, when I hit a wall. My RunKeeper app updated to tell me that my pace was slowing down, and I decided that instead of trying to beat my PR, I would just try to finish strongly and not completely burn myself out in the process. I am running another half in two weeks with a group of friends, so I didn’t want to overdo it.

When my husband crossed the finish line almost an hour before me, he (and all the other runners) were asked to avoid one side, and that’s when he noticed a police dog sniffing a suspicious backpack. Praise God that when they emptied it, they found what looked to be a bag full of notebooks.

I was SO happy when I reached the finish line and got my cute crab medal!

Crab 11

Crab 7

We also got water, orange Gatorade, bananas, recovery bars, a cute finisher runner hat, and an after-party complete with corn-and-crab chowder in a breadbowl. It was soo delish and quite a bit peppery, but my husband opted for the creamy tomato and cheese soup, and every runner received 3 free beer vouchers. I got really cold inside the convention center with the AC and sitting on the cold floor, so I was very happy to get back outside into the heat!

Crab 8

Overall, I’m happy with my finishing time, all things considered. I LOVE my new crabby medal, and my one of my coworkers surprised me with a fancy display case for it. She used to own an art gallery framing business that framed artwork for celebrities. I mean, I was just going to hang it on my “Runner Girl” display rack with all my other medals.

Other pictures from our weekend with the grandparents!

Crab 2This Big Bird chair is older than I am and in perfect condition despite heavy use!

Crab 9

Pit stop!

Crab 10




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9 10 2013
Kristy Mays

Aww! That park holds so many memories!

9 10 2013

Well, sadly, they completely tore that one down – but they rebuilt a brand new one! Still has the same name though! I have a post drafted about it. 😉

6 07 2014
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