Autumn Glam Wreath

5 10 2013

I came across a gorgeous fall wreath on a blog I follow (George Party of Four) and just had to try it out! I watched the sales at Michaels until I found good deals, and went to the store twice to be able to use all the coupons I had. I made this wreath for our living room.

Fall wreath 1

The blessing and curse of it all was that Michael’s Harvest and Halloween ribbon was on sale, but it was also seasonally GLITTERY. I did not realize that it wasn’t just shimmery ribbon I was purchasing – this was the kind of ribbon that AS I UNWOUND IT, glitter showered all over me and my carpet. I thought I had plenty of ribbon, but had to change my plans when I quickly realized that I didn’t have enough. Still, I love my new fall wreath – it makes me happy each time I walk past it! There’s just a small pool of glitter slowly collecting underneath it every time we open the closet door that it’s hanging on.

Fall Wreath 2

Fall Wreath 5

Fall Wreath 3

Fall Wreath 4




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