{five on friday}

4 10 2013

October is here! My favorite month! Linking up again with Darci from The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday!


This week, I shipped off a huge package of clothing that no longer fits (because it’s all too big! woohoo!) to ThredUp. Once they sort everything, I can either choose to cash out or collect store credit. It feels good to clean out a huge chunk of my closet, especially now that I’ve gotten my first Stitch Fix!



I got an email Saturday night saying my first fix from Stitch Fix had been shipped, and it came Tuesday! Check out what I got!

Stitch Fix 00

Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself? Create your style profile, wait for your box to arrive on your doorstep, try it all on in the comfort of your home, use the design card for tips on how to wear each piece, pay for what you want (25% off if you buy all 5 items!), and return what you don’t want in the postage-paid return bag! The styling fee is $20, but that comes back to you in a $20 credit with your first purchase! Refer a friend and get $25 in Stitch Fix credit! (I’m not compensated for my reviews, but I do get an awesome $25 in credit each time I refer a friend!)


Today my son’s school is having its Fall party and costume parade! He is all ready in his kangaroo costume! Just gotta take it off to ride in the carseat! He turns 15 months this week. 🙂



This past weekend was an “easy” run. (It’s all relative at this point in marathon training). Since it was gorgeous, my husband played with our son so that I could actually run outside instead of on our treadmill. Knowing my route would finish in front of a pharmacy, I made a deal with myself that I would pick out a reward if I completed the 4 miles. I love, love reading as many 5 on Friday posts as I can, and it seems like everyone raves about Essie nail polish. The store didn’t carry the hue I wanted (Cocktail Bling), but I was just as happy to treat myself to “Mint Candy Apple.” I also made a wish list of other colors: Tart Deco, Smokin Hot (if I’m bold enough!), Good as Gold. I had a coupon on my phone that made my polish 50% off. I loved running in a new neighborhood, but this could be a dangerous splurge! 🙂

Essie 1


Pumpkin ice cream found its way into my shopping cart this week. It’s not homemade in a waffle cone from Harper’s Ferry, but it’s smooth and delicious and I’ll take it!

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Also in my cart… we like for him to sit in the built-in coupe so he can’t spot the bananas! Otherwise we’d hear “banana? banana? banana?” on repeat until breakfast the next morning.

Pumpkin ice cream 2

Happy Friday!



10 responses

4 10 2013
Sarah Grace Chastain

ooo man, i loveee essie! 🙂 great color choice! and a great reward for your run! i’m going to have to check out that ice cream too! definitely my weak spot! 🙂

4 10 2013

It was great! (If you’re in the mood for pumpkin spice). I do believe that particular one was half the fat, too! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

4 10 2013
Rebecca Jo (@RebeccaJoKnits)

Fall Party’s starting already???? I love seeing costumes … I think they should be year round 🙂

4 10 2013

Yes! I couldn’t believe it! On October 4! He came home with 2 Halloween crafts and a decorated bag of candy! I had to send in candy and Halloween cookies today, and they did a parade in their costumes!

4 10 2013

Essie Smokin’ Hot is my go-to color! LOVE it!

4 10 2013

That’s the one I almost bought! Definitely on my wish list, if I can pull it off!

4 10 2013
K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

I wish we had the carts with the car at the bottom so that my son wouldn’t spot the bananas. But then I’d probably have to worry about him grabbing stuff off the shelves. Ugh…the toddler stage is tricky.

Love the Essie nail polish. I’ve never tried their brands but I’ve heard a lot of people rave about them too.

4 10 2013

Thanks for stopping by! Those carts are tricky to maneuver, but fun! He doesn’t start grabbing until he sees the candy bars at checkout – and he doesn’t even know what they are! We always have to check his hands before we leave. 🙂

4 10 2013

eeee! your little one is SO presh. in that halloween costume…melt! and i may or may not have started salivating when i saw the pic of that ice cream. Y-U-M.

and did i mention how CUTE the title of your blog is?! so clever. LOVE it!! so glad we connected!


5 10 2013

Aww thank you!! You made my day. Thanks for visiting! I love reading others’ 5 on Fridays!

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