Birthday in a Box! Stitch Fix #1

2 10 2013

So excited! I got my first Stitch Fix in the mail! It’s such a fun concept – a few weeks ago, I filled out a very detailed questionnaire about my style, sizes, and preferences, and a stylist selected five items to send me in the mail and shipped it on Saturday. It was on my doorstep Tuesday! I can choose to purchase as many or as few of the items from the box as I want, and whatever I don’t want, I send back in the postage-paid bag. The styling fee was $20, which I can put toward my purchase, and if I decide to keep all 5 items, I get 25% off my whole order. You can indicate your price range for different types of items (accessories, outerwear, formal wear, etc.). I selected “the cheaper, the better” for every category.

If you want to check it out and schedule a surprise box for yourself, here’s my referral link, and I’ll get a $25 credit toward my boxes when you schedule your first Fix! (And then you can do the same with your friends!) I’m telling you, it was like a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY on my doorstep when I came home today and carefully peeled back the layers of tissue paper!

I had been very specific in my requests, asking for this box to include “casual chic” options for me to wear to work in an elementary school. I spent time pinning things to “My Flair” board so that my stylist would know what I might like, and overall I was happy with most of the items and the fact that all five of my items were actually clothing items in my first box! (They do accessories as well, although I hadn’t requested any.)

Stitch Fix box

Stitch Fix 2So here’s a recap of what I got! My first impression was that almost everything was GREY. Not a color I normally choose for myself, unless I’m buying pants! I was hoping for corals, teals, navys, mustards, greens. But I suppose her intention this time is to pair these items with pops of color, with these as the everyday basics. It was much more fun to try everything on at home with easy access to items in my closet, and without having to worry about my toddler escaping under the dressing room door!

Stitch Fix 4

See?? Almost everything was grey! Even the “navy” top looked black.


Alright, First up! I was SO excited to see that they chose a cardigan for me because lately I’ve been wearing a black Motherhood Maternity cardigan (with rosettes all over it), and I just feel weird wearing maternity clothes when I’m far from pregnant.

Stitch Fix 3 Stitch Fix 8

Item #1: Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan

Very light and soft wispy fabric, grey, arms fitted – it will match everything. I love the points in the front. Status: KEPT!


Stitch Fix 5 Stitch Fix 10

Item #2: Hawthorn Henrietta Houndstooth & Colorblock Scarf

This scarf surprised me at first – I wondered why there was a blanket in my Fix!

It is a TON of plush fabric – but extremely soft! Not itchy at all and oh so cozy! I tried tying it several different ways, but the simple way (pictured above) was the only way to make it seem less-bulky. I can see how it would be incredible for the winter.

Status: Sent back. Too big!


Stitch Fix 7

Item #3: Collective Concepts Riva Pleat Detail Abstract Print Blouse

My stylist raved about this one. I googled the blouse and saw that another lady blogged about receiving the blouse in a September fix – and hers was more expensive than mine! I checked the size, and it was right, but it just felt too big and boxy! It’s very wispy  and the back did nothing for me – a long slit down the back (I’ve had back surgery and have a pink scar that runs down my back, so I’m not a fan of slits on the back…) It was also hard to tell because the tags were hanging in the back, pulling on the fabric, so I couldn’t get it to sit right. My stylist suggested pairing it with a blazer or under a (hot pink) cardigan (that I don’t have) with jeans. It has cute ruffles across the front, adding a little flair.

Status: Sent back. I like navy, and it would have basically be free IF I bought everything else in the fix because of the 25% off discount that goes into effect if I buy all five items, but I didn’t want the scarf.


Stitch Fix 6

Item #4: Fiancee Doris Jersey Striped Maxi Skirt

This is another type of item I fell in love with during my maternity months, but don’t own any normal (non-maternity) maxi skirts. It is SO comfortable and stretchy and surprisingly easy to walk in. I wouldn’t have normally gone for the black and grey stripes, but they were perfect on this! I used the suggestion card for the idea to pair it with this dressy plum shirt.

Status: KEPT.


Stitch Fix 11IStitch Fix 13

tem #5: Peach Love Cream Winifred Striped Tab-Sleeve Knit Shirt

I grew to love this shirt. I was happy with the coral and teal elements but seriously, more grey?? It basically ensures that I cannot wear any of these items at the same time! This is another wispy garment, but is stretchy and fitted and thus very flattering and comfortable. Oh and sheer! I had to wear a black tank under it. It clings against the curve of my back instead of hanging straight down in the back – it’s hard to find clothes that do this!

Status: KEPT.


Interested in getting your own box? Check out my referral link to get started! These are my own thoughts and honest reviews, and I paid the $20 styling fee myself. You can do the whole survey without paying, if you just want to have fun selecting styles, looking at idea combinations, and filling it out!

Disclaimer: I don’t normally take selfies while trying on new clothes. I only did it for the blog! But it helped me in deciding! 🙂

Disclaimer II: My birthday is actually in July. This box just made it FEEL like October 1 was my birthday!



10 responses

2 10 2013

I agree with all your keepers. I’m not crazy about the scarf – you can find something cuter 🙂 I’m torn over the “boxy” shirt. I agree that it’s shape is a little boxy, but in the pic it’s really cute! It’s a much different look – a little dressier than the other items. I guess I wouldn’t keep it if it feels too big, but it looks cute and comfy to me. 🙂

2 10 2013

I’m glad that you showed what items that you got. Another blogger I read does stitch fix too but it’s nice to see and hear a review from someone I actually know. I actually really like the blue flowy top. I think that pairing it with tighter jeans, maybe tucked into boots, and wearing it under a blazer or cardigan will help it not seem so flowy.

4 10 2013

Thanks! It was cute in the front, but I wasn’t a fan of the back. After your post I tried it with jeans and boots and it definitely looked a lot better! If my 5th item had been a winner (and not the expensive scarf), I think I would have sprung for all 5 items! I ended up getting 3.

4 10 2013
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