Gnawing at Popples

1 10 2013

Ever since I first visited our local apple orchard years ago, it has become a must for my husband and I to trek there for the annual Apple Harvest festival, and in recent years, it’s been tradition to go with a couple of our closest friends, a couple very similar to us in our beliefs on life, love, faith, and family. But as our October calendar quickly filled up with all kinds of fall festivities, we decided to visit in September to get a jumpstart on kicking off my favorite season! After a fulfilling morning at church and an afternoon nap waiting patiently for E to wake up from his nap, we packed up and headed out.

So on this unseasonably warm fall day, we all made our way up the mountain to the orchard, relishing the newly-paved, dust-free road up to the scenic view and orchards themselves. We started out in the “pumpkin patch,” taking pictures and enjoying the bustle of families around us.

Apples 4

True to character, E reached for every dog he could see, yelling “Kaa! Kaa!” (his way of saying “Scout,” our dog’s name). Which reminds me, we are having a serious problem with him and dogs. He likes to hit them. With objects. And the more you tell him no (“be GENTLE to the doggie, see? You RUUUB the doggie”) and as much as our own dog growls and tries to nip, E just laughs and laughs as if it were a game. Something’s gotta give. Anyone have good advice? Anyone need a mellow 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, everything up-to-date and a $500 vet appointment just last week?

E ran down the hills, not quite as ambitiously as he did the day before at the farm. He also managed to sneak in 3 kisses with our friends’ baby – right on her lips each time! Precious moments.

We wandered through the orchard, climbing trees, twisting apples off the branches, changing diapers, and experiencing the apples through the eyes of our babies. E treasured his tiny little apples, calling them “popples,” gnawing at them until the fruit browned and needed to be replaced with a fresh baby Jonagold apple. His little bite marks were adorable, as were his nose and eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

Apples 1

We rounded off our adventure with cider (hot for me!) and apple cider donuts. E loved every bit of the donut we shared with him.


We poked around the apple barn (general store) and even did a little complimentary wine tasting to determine whether we liked chocolate wine before we invested in a whole bottle. (Still undecided but good grief! Just holding the glass smelled like a Tootsie Pop! We did not bring a bottle home.)

Later this week, I’ll try out a “Baked Pork Chops with Apples” recipe I pinned from the Clever Housewife. Mainly because we did the same thing with peaches at the sister orchard to this one – picking them and then baking them with pork chops – and I had success there with a simple recipe. It’s just a matter of when. On Mondays, I am involved in a women’s Bible study and this Monday, I went there right after an eye doctor appointment (try reading your Bible with dialated eyes. Holy Moly.) Today, we are fellowshipping with our new Life Group, checking out the concept of being “Not a Fan.” But sometime this week, we will enjoy ‘dem popples!



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