Virtual Races with Tangible Medals

30 09 2013

I drafted this post weeks and weeks ago, but hadn’t gotten around to posting when voilà! I got the medal in the mail today after so many weeks went by that I had forgotten all about it! So opening the mail today was fun!!

I’m looking forward to other fun mail this week, too… I’ll share when it comes!

Have you heard of this new phenomenon? Virtual races are convenient if you want to pick your own race, your own pace, and your own course. Basically you pledge to finish running (or walking, or biking, in some cases) whatever the distance of the virtual race is, and then you send proof of your activity to the sponsor, and you get your race medal in the mail! Some of them even send you a commemorative bib.

I recently participated in two virtual races to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, one of the beneficiaries of the runDisney races this January for which I’m training.

The first one, “Just a Little Dopey,” required the participant to complete 4.86 miles, representing the 48.6 miles required by the “Dopey Challenge” at Disney Marathon Weekend in 2014.

Dopey medal

About 3 months after I finished this challenge, I received my gorgeous glittery medal in the mail! It’s one of my favorites, after my 5th anniversary Disney Princess Half Marathon medal from last February.

A few weeks ago, I also completed a similar “Just a Little Goofy” virtual race. (Both of these races are closed now). I loved that I could complete it during a normal Saturday training run, so I felt like my 3.93-mile run had a purpose beyond just a means to an end. (After I took a screenshot of the 3.93 miles on my RunKeeper app, I went ahead and rounded it off to 4. I have an OCD about even numbers.

I didn’t have to get a sitter or travel out of town for this virtual race. And one day several weeks from now, when I’ve probably long since forgotten this short training run, when my toddler and I are checking the mail together, I’ll have a glittery Goofy medal waiting to hang up on my medal rack! Yep! That happened today. And my toddler was, in fact, the one to open the mail box! Predictable yet unexpected.

Goofy medal



8 responses

1 10 2013
Rebecca Jo (@RebeccaJoKnits)

I LOVE Viritual races… so much easier to do it when its convenient… but I’m so jealous! I want a Goofy medal!!! 🙂

21 10 2013

Visit our site and like us on Facebook as well. We direct several virtual races per year.

22 12 2013

can you still participate in this virtual 5k?

22 12 2013

Unfortunately that specific challenge is closed. But there are always lots of virtual races out there!

15 02 2014

Where did you find out about these virtual races?

18 02 2014

Just online or word of mouth. Once I did a few of the Disney-themed virtual races, I got emails about subsequent races.

2 06 2014
Rhonda Moore

How do you find out about Disney virtual runs ?

2 06 2014

These are not actually endorsed by Disney. They were part of a fundraiser for LLS. A family member originally sent me the link, and I kept up with the site when she posted a second challenge. Hope this helps! I think the original site was, but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

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